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  • Adobe Air: Deserving of Attention
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Adobe’s AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime, in case you are wondering) has been around for some time now, though this program often goes unnoticed. Adobe AIR is the reason why TweetDeck (the popular Twitter tool) exists and it’s also responsible for a number of other applications. Adobe recently updated AIR and the new version is quite a bit different than the older one. It’s also safe to say that the newest installment of AIR is quite a bit better than the old one, too.

Essentially, AIR makes it possible to run various applications across a number of different systems while also foregoing any coding problems. AIR runs smoothly and presents users will an all-around great experience. AIR can be used with Windows, Mac, or Linux, which puts the program in a class all by itself. The newest feature included in the latest edition of AIR has a lot to do with graphics – here’s the scoop.

Adobe AIR Additions and Features

The last installment of AIR that Adobe has created includes 3D and 2D graphics that are significantly faster than previous versions (up to 1000 times faster, in fact). The best use of Adobe AIR (or the way that the program is most often used) is as a development tool. Developers seeking a way to work cross-platforms will find AIR very helpful. Adobe has added some docking and task bar notification tools that are welcomed. These tools make it possible for developers to create applications that can be used on a number of different web services. AIR also allows for offline creativity, which is one of the reasons why AIR is so popular amongst developers.

It’s also important to note that (like most Adobe products) AIR is completely free to use. A simple download (very easy setup) will make it possible to use AIR right away, and Adobe products always come with a fair amount of help and technical support too, so finding your way around problems should be a cinch. When installed, AIR doesn’t eat up system resources either. In fact, it’s very hard to find fault with Adobe AIR.

Some Minor Drawbacks

Even though AIR is a great program every way you slice it, all tools have some drawbacks and AIR is no exception to this rule. The real drawback to AIR is that developing a program using this tool won’t run as fast as developing an app on a native application – but this is the case with any development tool, really, so AIR can’t be faulted entirely. Adobe has also cleaned up previous problems with former versions of AIR, so you don’t need to worry about having no access to all OS data.

The only other thing to consider (other than the native issue) is that an AIR app can run a bit slower than other apps. However, most of the time an AIR app that runs too slowly is the result of a program that has been written incorrectly, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, AIR is an excellent development tool that comes highly recommended – and it’s also free.