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  • Adobe’s Much Hyped CS6 Has Arrived
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Flash was once the height of Internet sophistication. Nearly every website developer worked with Flash and sites that didn’t have Flash were often ignored. Now, however, Flash has largely gone by the wayside to make room for HTML5, and even though it sure looks like Flash is on its way out, Adobe isn’t about to let the once golden Flash slip into the night. Instead, Adobe has been working on an all-new kind of Flash in the form of CS6. Adobe will officially announce and launch this product today (April 23), but those who can’t wait can pre-order CS6 directly from the Adobe website.

How CS6 Is Entirely Unique

Many developers these days are focused on creating apps and games for various devices. Thus, it makes a great deal of sense that CS6 is really all about developing games and apps for a number of devices. Developers will be able to take a few animations (or just one) and crate a sprite sheet from these animations. Additionally, the all-new Starling framework makes it possible to greatly accelerate hardware (open-source). The new Flash also incorporates lots from AIR, which will be a big sell with developers all around the world who currently use AIR.

It will soon be possible to simply snag an AIR SDK without actually installing AIR, since this option is built right into the CS6 program. Also, once again instead of actually installing AIR, developers can select from pre-packaged AIR applications. Not only do developers using AIR welcome these features and loving whatever Adobe puts out, CS6 also comes with a brand new interface that’s worth of its own lengthy explanation.

The All-New and Impressive CS6 Split Interface

Adobe has built CS6’s interface around the notion that most developers go for multi-platform designs. Creating a multi-platform design used to mean dealing with a lot of problems and glitches along the way. With the new CS6, it is possible to simply change up an InDesign file and mess around with specs, sizes, and other features while having total and complete control. A split-interface also allows you to compare designs side-by-side, which is a really convenient and nice option.

Adobe has also made it possible to change images, text, and other bits across multiple images without actually switching from one to the next. In short, the new CS6 is all about simplicity on the part of a designer. Adobe is set to release the new CS6 today, though some designers have already had the change to weigh in on the new Adobe product. For the most part, the new CS6 has gained favorable reviews, though some testers have found the product to be slightly clumsy. In this reviewer’s opinion, you will have to play around with the new CS6 interface prior to really getting a feel for what Adobe’s latest creation can do. Certainly, there is a slightly learning curve, though this Adobe product (like most Adobe products) will prove to be very helpful once that curve has been mastered.