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  • New Fire and Kindle On The Horizon: Details
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With the fall air comes all kinds of new device releases. From iPhones to televisions, manufacturers want to cash in on the impending holiday season – mere months away. Amazon is no exception to this rule. Rumor has it that Amazon will be releasing both a new Fire and new Kindle e-reader within the next few weeks. Right now, the company remains mum on the actual details, but us tech writers have a few informants of our own. In short, there are a few things about the upcoming Kindle and Fire that are sure to become realities when Amazon does release the new devices.

More Than One Kindle Fire?

More than one tech blog has announced that Amazon will be releasing not one, but two Kindle Fires. CNet recently reported that Amazon is working on two Fire models. Both of these models are rumored to be the same size. The difference will be what’s inside of each Fire. While one Fire will be a slightly better version of the existing Fire (including Amazon’s own software in addition to Android), the other Fire will contain lots of new goodies.

Some of those new features might include a camera, a sped-up processor, HDMI port, and volume keys. If this sounds like a tablet to you (instead of an e-reader), you are half right. There’s no doubt that Amazon will be competing with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini (rumored to be released soon) with the new Fire models. It will be interesting, indeed, to see what Amazon announces as far as the Fire is concerned. Pricing and release date details are still sketchy, so I’ll wait for Amazon to make an official announcement before making any date or price claims.

Amazon Follows In Apple’s Mapping Footsteps

It seems like the major device manufacturers of the world are tired of relying on Google for maps. A very reliable and strong rumor has recently surfaced that Amazon is working with Nokia in order to come up with an independent Amazon mapping system. This is a very similar move to what Apple has done by creating Apple maps in lieu of Google Maps. Sorry, Google, it certainly looks like your mapping program is on its way out (out of Amazon and Apple, at least).

Kindle Touch Enhancements

Yet another rumor includes news that a new Kindle Touch has a brand new look. If these rumors are correct, Amazon has done away with the button beneath the home screen. Another enhancement may be a different shade of grey where the device’s bezel is concerned. Aren’t all of these rumors super exciting? You won’t have to wait much longer for confirmation from Amazon about any of these things.

Amazon Holds a Press Conference

On September 6th (Thursday), Amazon will be holding a press conference in L.A. It is expected that Amazon will be debuting all of the company’s new e-readers at this conference. So, folks, that’s just five days away. I’ll make sure to update this site with news about Amazon’s newest toys as soon as the press conference has ended. Make sure to check back for solid information about the new Amazon e-readers.