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There's an interesting trend happening. Virtual companies are starting to consider brick and mortar options once again. One of the biggest companies to take things to the streets, literally, is Amazon. Awhile back, Amazon launched fast one-day delivery in various states. Now, Amazon has launched something that the company is calling 'AmazonFresh.'

AmazonFresh is a food delivery service for Amazon customers through the Amazon site. This service is entirely new, so it's not available in many areas right now. But, Amazon hopes that the current beta test will be well received, and that AmazonFresh is the next big thing in food. Hungry? Here's what Amazon is cooking up.

AmazonFresh: Food For You

Amazon users that live in select Los Angeles neighborhoods can start using AmazonFresh today. Essentially, this is a grocery delivery service that happens through the Amazon site. When customers order food through Amazon, that food will be delivered on the same day that you order it. For example: if you decide to order a case of protein powder through Amazon today, that powder will be delivery today (if you live in select areas).

This service is an extension of Amazon's 'Fresh' service that's already in operation. Not familiar with AmazonFresh? Think of a small grocery store that sells all kinds of fresh produce and other items. Items like everyday household essentials, meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

Now, think of that store on a larger Amazon-like level. The image that you have in your head probably looks a lot like AmazonFresh - fresh produce and products delivered same-day.

How Fresh is Fresh?

Amazon claims that the company is choosing only the freshest products to deliver to customers. The service is only available to Amazon Prime members living in L.A. right now, but Reuters is reporting that Amazon will be delivering same-day groceries to members in San Francisco soon. If you happen to live in one of the areas that Amazon is currently working with, you can sign up for the service through the main AmazonFresh website.

Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, has told press that AmazonFresh is really taking off in certain areas, and that consumers love what Amazon is offering. Since Amazon is so big, the company is able to purchase great grocery items at a lower price than most other stores. This, in turn, means bigger savings for AmazonFresh clients. You can purchase your regular weekly groceries from Amazon for a fraction of the price. This makes Amazon a fierce grocery competitor.

Reactions Thus Far

So far, AmazonFresh seems to be moving in the right direction. The company offers items that consumers want, and those items are offered at a small price. If Amazon is able to keep quality up and prices low, AmazonFresh could be a big contender in the produce and grocery field.

The downside to this might be that smaller grocery chains will have a hard time competing with Amazon, but that remains to be seen. For now, Amazon Prime customers that live in the right areas can take advantage of this brand new Amazon service. Would you order food from Amazon?