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  • WSJ: Amazon Is Building a 3D Smartphone
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More 3D? Before you roll your eyes and move on, here's what the Wall Street Journal is reporting today: Amazon is working on two new phones. One of those phones will have a 3D display -- a display that's unique. Still not interested? Amazon's new 3D phone will also include eye-tracking. Now I've got you hooked, don't I?

What, exactly, is eye-tracking? Nothing short of a mind boggling invention, really. It's also something that sources say Samsung has been toying with for awhile. Picture this: you're reading some content on your phone, and that content moves as your eyes move. No more finger scrolling or swiping.

Your eyes will reveal everything you want to do next - literally. Want to move to the next page or go back a page? Just let your eyes do the work. Crazy, right? Here's what else Amazon is working on according to that WSJ report.

3D Phone and More

There's not much information about the other phone that Amazon is working on, though it is relatively clear that the company is, in fact, working on a regular smartphone. Aside from that, WSJ reports that Amazon is also looking to create some kind of music device. I'm guessing that this device will resemble an iPod, and that it will connect to Amazon's cloud. This just makes a good deal of sense for the company.

Another prototype that Amazon is reportedly working on is a set-top box. It seems as though Amazon is looking to streaming in addition to phones and music devices. This is a lot of news from a company that's otherwise quiet. Hopefully, WSJ has gotten some of this information right. Let's go back to that 3D phone for a moment, though.

The Problem With 3D

It has been said numerous times that there's no market for 3D. This has been further proven by a lack of 3D device sales. Is it true that consumers just don't want any 3D products? Or, is it more than that? It might be that the current 3D offerings are too expensive; not that great; and just trying to sell the concept of 3D without putting much thought into actual devices or how those devices work.

So, a 3D phone from Amazon that includes accurate eye-tracking, is nice to look at, and does come in at a reasonable price might be interesting to some consumers. Amazon's new 3D phone, reportedly, will not work solely with 3D glasses, so you don't have to worry about purchasing expensive glasses to go along with the phone or wearing awkward glasses in order to use the phone.

When can you expect any of these new Amazon products to appear? WSJ says "sometime in the next few months." Well, that's a vague answer, but it's the best I can do for now. I will, however, let you know when Amazon's products hit the market, and you can count on a 3D phone review too! Thoughts? Comments? Is a 3D phone something you'd purchase?