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  • Five Fab Android Apps
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It's not just an iPhone world. Google Play has plenty of awesome apps just waiting for you to discover. Haven't downloaded an app in awhile? I bet some of these will get your fingers moving! Here are five fabulous Android apps that I've recently discovered (and you are going to love).

Songza (free)

The last thing you need is another music streaming app, right? Wrong! Songza isn't like all the other streaming apps. Promise! This app puts things into perspective in a nice and organized manner. Going to the gym? Choose the workout mode. Looking for some relaxing tunes? Select the day off mode. See how this goes? You can choose the songs you want to listen to according to the mood that you are in.

You may not agree with certain activity selections, but you can sort or skip a song as you wish. Songza is fun to use too. This app comes with a clean interface that's nice to look at, and it's free (did I mention that?). Relax, iOS users, Songza is available in the App Store too.

Feedly (also free)

Feedly is super popular. Why? Google Reader is going to be dismantled very soon. So, those looking for a RSS reader have flocked to Feedly. It's also worth pointing out that Feedly and Google will be working together to provide you with a smooth transition from Google Reader to Feedly. As soon as Google Reader is gone, Feedly will be updated with all of your RSS feeds. How convenient is that?

Beautiful Widgets

Don't like the way your homescreen looks? Beautiful Widgets can help you with that. This app lets you fully customize your homescreen according to your preferences. This is a really simple app that moves around everything you see when you look at your phone. So, if you don't like the way your battery life meter looks or how your home page is laid out, change it. Beautiful widgets is, well, beautiful, and it's also affordable at $2.89.

Speed Test (free)

This app has been around for awhile. But, a lot of Android users aren't actually using it! Amazing, right? If you use Speed Test, you know what I'm talking about. This app will test your network speed. This comes in handy when arguing with your carrier about certain topics. Just download Speed Test, test your speed, and prove that your network is slow! Another great, free, Android app to the rescue!

SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey is such an amazing app that the new BlackBerry phones have the same idea pre-installed and ready to go. SwiftKey erases your space bar, so that you can just type without bothering to hit that annoying space bar every time you want to write something quickly. Tired of slow typing? SwiftKey will help you out! This app is also free, free, free.

There you have it: five amazing apps that you can't live without. Well, you can, but why would you? If you have an Android phone, take advantage of these awesome apps. Apple has better apps? I don't think so!