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  • Android 4.2 Arrives, Name Stays the Same
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Android updates always make me hungry. Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and even Froyo are some of the past names given to various version of Android. The latest, Jelly Bean, has just been updated. Technically, this version of Android is considered Android 4.2, but still goes by the name Jelly Bean in tech circles. Prior to the release, many assumed that the new update would be dubbed “Key Lime Pie,” but this hasn’t been the case.

Why no mouth-watering nomenclature? Android 4.2 is really just an extension of the existing Android. Still, there are a few noticeable differences. Mainly, Android has borrowed some ideas from competitor companies, expanded on already great Android features, and made some popular features available for all.

Tablet Sharing

Remember how mom always told you to share your toys? Well, now you can share your Android tablet easily. A new feature called Multi-User Tablet has arrived. This feature makes it possible for more than one user to customize a tablet home screen. Oddly, or maybe not, this feature sounds a lot like what Microsoft has created with the Windows 8 phone sharing feature.

Sharing Wirelessly

Android users can now share smartphone screens on a TV screen. Just like Apple’s AirPlay, you can now put everything that you see on your Android screen on your big screen. Let’s not get into the Android VS. Apple debate here. Let’s just say that both platforms now offer a way to share your phone screen on your TV screen, and, no matter who developed it first, that’s just a great feature to have.

Swype For All

Nuance developed the Swype feature for Android some time ago. Now, Swpe comes standard. This feature allows users to move a finger across a keyboard without every lifting that finger up. Swype makes typing faster, and it’s one feature loved by Android users worldwide.

Photo Sphere Camera

Are you addicted to panoramic photos? Can’t get enough of landscapes? Well, now Android comes with a panorama camera function. Yes; this function was originally part of Ice Cream Sandwich, but the new extension adds onto the earlier function.

Go Ahead and Daydream

While being reminded of daily tasks doesn’t sound like my idea of a Daydream, the new Daydream function makes it possible to display bits of information on a lock screen. So, instead of that snapshot you took on vacation, you can now display, say, the list of things that you have to do today instead.

Widgets of All Shapes and Sizes

You can now resize widgets using Android 4.2. If you were tired of the same old widgets before, it’s now possible to make them larger or smaller. Not a huge feature, but one that’s fun all the same.

In Addition…

You’ll also find a more extensive Google Now feature in addition to the new Android Beam feature. Beam makes the whole Android process faster and less painful, while Google Now is a Siri-like feature that personalizes the Android experience. As mentioned, Android 4.2 is not a new version of Android, but it is an upgrade that’s worth of note. All of these fun and new Android 4.2 features are available now, so make sure to upgrade!