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Rovio has been a company to watch for some time now. Not just because Rovio was the company that created the popular Angry Birds game, but because Rovio had fresh and new business ideas. Instead of watering down the Angry Birds empire with additional games, Rovio stuck with the one popular game attempting to make that game grow. Entrepreneurs and developers alike took many cues from Rovio, but not the game developer has made a move that has some people wondering if this is the end of Angry Birds.

Released today, Angry Birds “The Hunt For the Golden Pistachio” was unveiled on the Wonderful Pistachios website. If you’re wondering what Wonderful Pistachios is, all you have to do is think about most of the pistachio nut advertisements you’ve seen over the past few years. This pistachio company is one of the largest out there. Why has Rovio teamed up those loveable Angry Birds with Wonderful Pistachio? Well, the answer lays in the details.

Why Pistachios?

Rovio and Wonderful Pistachios have a strong business relationship. Seemingly, it made sense for the two to team up and offer Angry Bird fans a chance to crack pistachios while also aiming for pigs. During the game, users must aim for the usual happy green pigs while also looking for golden pistachios. If a user successfully cracks a pistachio, points will be earned. Rovio has told press that the company also plans on offering players real prizes including Angry Birds plush toys and pistachios.

Right now, you can only play The Hunt For the Golden Pistachio on the Wonderful Pistachio website using Chrome. Rovio hasn’t said whether or not this game will reach a smartphone near you, but it makes sense that the company would allow smartphone users to play this game as well. After all, Angry Birds is primarily a smartphone game. Is this a good move for Rovio or will the company succeed in turning game fans away?

A Bad Move?

Generally, people who play casual games like Angry Birds don’t like to be sold. It’s one thing to offer plush bird toys or other Angry Birds items, but it’s a whole different ballgame to push pistachios on a gaming crowd. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with pistachios, they aren’t unhealthy, and Rovio hasn’t gone for a massive corporation that has no concern for humanity. Will Angry Birds fans take to the current pistachio twist?

Time will tell if Rovio has made an intelligent move. Yet, one has to wonder where the advertising will stop. Of course, Wonderful Pistachios aren’t the only company that Rovio has teamed up with. Disney and Rovio got together in order to offer Angry Birds Rio, and that didn’t stop people from downloading this free game. Still, the general population is sold to regularly, and unless Rovio has made cracking open pistachios a lot of fun, this game won’t help build the Angry Birds empire. If you want to check out the new Angry Birds game, head to the Wonderful Pistachios website (using Chrome only!).