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  • New Apple iMacs in Three Days!
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Apple told the world that a new iMac would arrive. In true Apple fashion, though, the company didn’t say when the new iMac would surface. Today, Apple alerted press that the new iMac would hit store shelves on November 30 – that’s just three days away. The new iMacs are slimmer, prettier, and have some great attributes that you really don’t want to miss if you’re shopping for a new desktop. Are the new iMacs cheaper? Not so much; but you can’t sacrifice quality for price, right?

New iMac Details: These iMacs Are Super Slim

Apple is kick off the iMac launch by marketing the new 25.1-inch iMacs first. At a later date, the 27-inch iMacs will arrive. Aside from the fact that the new iMacs are slim – really, really slim – Apple has added some nice features and hardware. You’ll find a quad-core Core i5 processor; NVIDIA graphics card; and 1TB fusion drive are all packed into the 25.1-inch iMac. The 27-inch version isn’t so shabby either.

Apple has included a NVIDIA graphics card in the 27-inch version too, but this NVIDIA offering is a GeForce GT 640 M – one of the best available. It also comes with a 2.7GHz processor. Apple has left some room for expansion too. When ordering your new iMac, you can upgrade various components. For example, you could go with the GeForce GT 650 M and 2.9GHz. Apple is also offering a GeForce GT 660 M, 675 MX, and a 3.2GHz Core i5 option – but don’t expect to pack your new iMac full of the best available for less than $2000.

Pricing and Availability

Are you the type who likes to build onto an existing system? If so, I recommend waiting for the 27-inch iMac to surface. This iMac will come with all those possibilities mentioned above (better graphics card…). But, prices for the 27-inch version start at $1799 and increase from there ($1799 is the beginning price for those amazing graphic add-ons). Not so keen on waiting for that release date? You can place your order for a new 25.1-inch iMac now through the Apple site or wait until the iMacs hit Apple stores in three days (Friday).

The 25.1-inch iMac will retail for $1299 (2.7GHz) and $1499 (2.9GHz). While not a cheap desktop option by any means, iMacs are solidly built machines with excellent features and some unbeatable hardware. Apple didn’t discount any new iMacs this past Black Friday, since the products weren’t officially launched at that time. But, there’s always the holiday season to look forward to.

If you are planning on checking out the new iMacs, a word to the wise: don’t visit an Apple store this weekend. There’s no doubt in this reviewer’s mind that Apple stores all across the globe will be packed with holiday shoppers looking to see what Apple has cooked up this time around. While some aren’t happy about Apple’s new iPads, it’s hard to find fault with the new iMacs. If you do brave the crowds, let me know what you think of Apple’s new iMacs!