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  • The New iPad Is Finally Here!
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Yesterday, Apple launched the newest iPad. Not called the iPad 3, 2S, or any other numerical name, the simply named “iPad” is truly a notch above all the rest. If you’ve been waiting for this device to arrive, you’ve made a good choice. The new iPad has an impressive resolution, a great camera, and many other appeal features that will be hard for other tablet manufacturers to beat.

Also, the price of the iPad 2 has dropped, so that might now be a consideration as well for some people. Here’s what you’ll find once you get the new iPad in your grip (after waiting in those inevitably long lines, that is).

New iPad Specs

Apple has already released the first new iPad commercial, and this commercial focuses on the iPad’s new retina display (2048Г—1536 pixels). Simply put, the new retina display makes everything appear sharper and brighter. Colors are clearer, print is easier to read, and the whole thing is really quite stunning to look at. While the display is certainly something that Apple wants consumers to focus on, the new iPad has lots of additional features as well.

The new iPad also has a 5-megapixel camera, a quad-core A5X chip, LTE connectivity within the U.S., and plenty of new app updates to keep even the biggest app enthusiast happy. All of these things add up to an iPad that will certainly be in-demand once it arrives on store shelves. So, when you can expect to get your hands on the new iPad?

Arrival Date and Pricing

If you’re willing to pay in advance, the new iPad will be available through pre-sale this coming Wednesday. If you want to wait until you can actually see and feel the device, you’ll have to wait until March 16th. No doubt the new iPad will generate thousands of people waiting in long lines, but the decision to wait or not is up to you. As far as pricing goes, Apple plans to price the 16GB WiFi iPad at $499 (up from there).

Wondering what to do with your iPad 2? It might be hard to unload your iPad 2 now that thousands of resellers are stocked up to their eyeballs with the older version fo the iPad, but you can always look around for a reseller that doesn’t have lots of these iPads available. You can also post an ad on a site like CraigsList – just make sure that you sell your used iPad 2 for less than $399. Apple plans to drop iPad 2 prices down to $399, so selling a used one for much less than that might prove to be a good idea. While $399 is a drop indeed, it’s not such a big drop that people will buy an iPad 2 over the new iPad. I mean, it’s really a matter of $100 between old and new if you think about it (prices may drop further though).

Apple also announced an Apple TV upgrade, but this news was largely overshadowed by the announcement of the much-anticipated iPad. If a tablet is what you’re after, March 16th is the date that you’ve been waiting for!