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  • Apple's New iPod Touch
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Without the usual fanfare, Apple has unveiled a new iPod Touch today. This version of the Touch doesn't come with color options, and it loses some other features too. In addition to introducing the new Touch, Apple has also dropped the 16GB 3.5-inch Touch that the company was selling. Here are the specifics:


New 16GB: $229
Classic 32GB: $299
64GB: $399

So, the newest iPod Touch is the cheapest of the bunch - but still pricey.

New iPod Touch Features

4-inch Retina Display
Dual-core A5 Processor
Included Apple EarPods
Available in either black or silver (no more colors)
Front-facing camera
A slimmer body

While there are some new features, this iPod Touch loses a few things too. What things? A rear-facing camera and approximately half the storage of the last iPod Touch.

Who Will Like the New iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch seems to be marketed towards new Apple iPod users. This Touch can't hold a lot of video or music, but it is a good device for those that want to break into the Apple iPod market. Still, that $229 price tag might be too much for most people seeking to purchase a Touch as a gift or for a teenager. What's next for Apple?

Is A New Phone Coming?

It seems like Apple is headed in a new direction - one that aims to capture new Apple users. Also, Apple is lowering prices, and this may be in line with recent iPhone rumors. Rumors have been circulating that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone that will capture the attention of a younger market. Apple has yet to confirm these rumors, but it would make sense given the recent iPod Touch release.

Will Apple effectively be able to target new Touch users with the latest iPod? Most people still don't want to pay $229 for an iPod - especially one that doesn't come with a rear-facing camera. Apple has cut the rear-facing camera in order to create a slimmer device, but I'm not so certain that was a necessity.


If you do like the specs that you see here, you can snag the new Touch from the Apple Store right now. Are you tempted by this new phone? Would you buy an iPod that doesn't have a rear-facing camera? Apple seems to have updated the latest version of the Touch, which is why the company might not have made a big deal of announcing the latest iPod. But, was Apple's gamble a big one? Will the company capture the crowd its hoping to?

As more and more consumers purchase phones, tablets, and music devices that don't push that price point, Apple will have to drop prices in order to gain the share of the market that the company is after. Rumors are also flying this morning that Apple is working on a lower priced tablet, and this may be arriving sooner rather than later. What is Apple trying to accomplish with all of these low-priced devices? To some, it may seem as though the company is in trouble and floundering.