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  • New iPod Touch Coming Too?
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As you’ve probably read by now, a new iPhone seems evident. This new phone should be surfacing within the next week or so (Apple is set to make an Amazon-sized announcement on September 15th). In addition to the new iPhone, reliable sources are now stating that a new iPod Touch will be debuting as well. As far as rumors go, there are a lot of them focusing on what the new iPod Touch will look like (and, of course, what it will and won’t include). While it’s hard to pinpoint anything for certain until Apple does make that big announcement, here’s what the tech and press world knows so far.

Shape, Size, and Design

Right now, rumor has it that the new Touch will have a 16:9 display (the same display that Apple is supposed to be revealing with the new iPhone 5), a 4-inch screen, and it will look longer. It certainly seems as though Apple is stretching the size of all its devices, quite literally. It’s also interesting to note that Apple plans to go uniform with the iPod and the iPhone as far as the screen display goes, and that the iPod Touch will soon have a brand new size. Speaking of size, it seems as though Apple is doing away with the 3.5-inch display altogether.

In addition to the iPod Touch, Apple will be releasing a new iPod Nano that might not be as small as it once was. Originally, the Nano was meant to be as small as a tiny wristwatch. Now, it looks like the new Nano will also be longer than the current Nano. How much longer is unclear, but the Nano will not be as small as it currently is. If you love the Shuffle, you won’t see many changes with this device. Presently, rumor has it that the Shuffle will simply come in additional colors. This makes a good deal of sense, since the Shuffle is selling rather well.

Seemingly, Apple is simply stretching all of its popular devices to allow for a larger screen. The question is whether or not consumers will like products that are longer, and, therefore, larger. After all, all Apple devices from the iPod to the iPhone are meant to fit snugly inside of a pocket (and that pocket doesn’t currently have to be very large). Will consumers go for iPods and iPhones that are much longer or larger in size?

Why Apple is Going Larger

Apple might be stretching the size of various devices from the Shuffle to the iPhone for one good reason: more screen space. Now that most people use iPhones and Shuffles for on-screen viewing, the small size of these devices are seemingly inadequate. If Apple makes an iPhone and iPods that are much larger than the current versions, will you enjoy using these devices? Or, do you prefer the current size of the iPod lineup and your current iPhone?

Whether or not Apple is making a mistake by stretching screen and devices sizes is unclear at the moment. But, it is certain that Apple will be revamping its entire iPod lineup, so keep your eyes on this blog come September 15th when Apple releases the entire iPod lineup and the all new iPhone.