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  • The Apple iWatch Is Officially Coming
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It's no longer a rumor! Apple is officially working on a watch. The iWatch is in progress, and it's going to be one heck of a watch to, well, watch. Apple has recently filed for the iWatch patent, which means that this watch is well underway. Apple filed for the patent on June 3rd, which means that the iWatch will be hitting markets very soon. Sooner, in fact, that the new Apple TV.

What the iWatch Might Look Like

CNet reports that those working on the iWatch are excited about this watch's interface. Further, those creating the watch (or those that are part of the iWatch team) have stated that this watch is nearly complete. What does that mean? This watch will have everything that competing watches don't.

Purely for the fun of it, let's speculate. The iWatch will probably have Siri, will likely be thin and easy to wear, and will probably pick up where lots of watches leave off. It's hard to guess whether or not the iWatch will be geared more towards sports fans or casual watch wearers, but Apple could tap into a health market if so desired.

An Open Fitness Space

Right now, all of the fitness watches on the market do not target the most important thing: heart rate. If Apple can make a watch that targets heart rate in addition to a watch that provides wearers with everything else Apple is so great at, the iWatch could be the watch of the century. Or, it might just be another ho-hum smartwatch that never really takes off.

It has been noted that the iWatch will come out in 2013, and I'm guessing that the official release date will be sometime in November or just around the holiday season. Is an iWatch on your list? If it is, you could be in luck. But, you'll have to wait a bit longer for the new Apple TV. The Apple TV update is expected to arrive in 2014, just after the official iWatch launch.

Additional News and Details

There are a whole lot of rumors flying around about the new iWatch. What will the watch look like? What will it sound like? Will it include waterproofing or other interesting features? Will it come with Siri or something better? Maybe with maps? So many questions! As usual, Apple is remaining quiet about the whole deal.

The Internet is abuzz, though, and there are some very popular rumors floating around. The first one being that the iWatch will come with a flexible face that's razor thin. The second popular rumor is that the iWatch will work with Apple TV and possibly with other Apple devices. I'm afraid, though, that you'll have to wait and see if any of this is actually true. For now, Apple's iWatch details remain a mystery.

What do you think that this watch will look like? Will it come with everything you want it to? What do you want to see? The release date of the iWatch can't come soon enough!