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  • No More Cracked iPhone Screens? Apple's New Patent.
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > iPhone > No More Cracked iPhone Screens? Apple's New Patent.

It's one of my biggest fears, and it's happened to me before. Every time my iPhone slips out of my hands, I pick it up hesitantly, searching for that spider-webbed screen. Most of the time, the phone survives the fall. But, sometimes, the pressure is just too much for that delicate screen. When an iPhone is cracked, there's not much that can be done. But, what if Apple created an iPhone that didn't crack?

A patent has just been filed at the U.S. Patent Office that may provide some clue as to what Apple is working on. The patent in question is called a "Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device." What does that mean? This patent could prevent future iPhones from breaking, and from requiring a protective case.

More About The New Patent

When a device (like an iPhone) is falling, a sensor inside of that device detects the precision of the fall. By detaching how a device is positioned during the fall, the sensor can then make internal adjustments. What's the point? The sensor would actually be able to reposition the falling device, so that the final impact would be minimal.

A falling device switching direction mid-air? Is that even possible? The patent has been filed and Apple's name has been mentioned, but patents tend to take a long time to come to fruition.

When Will the iPhone be Fall-Proof?

Apple hasn't stated when, or if, this technology will apply to future iPhones. Apple did mention the iPhone specifically in the patent, but this technology would work well with any device. Amazingly, Apple filed this patent back in 2011, so it's already been three years. Apple hasn't put the technology into action yet, and there's no real word on when it will happen.

The concept behind this patent in mind-blowing, though. Imagine not having to worry about breaking your phone. This patent could completely eliminate the need for a protective case -- though water and other elements are still an issue. It would be a great thing to own a phone that doesn't break, wouldn't it? Think of all the times you've dropped your phone, held your breath, and hoped that it isn't broken beyond repair. Apple's patent could change that.

A Needed Patent

It seems silly to pay hundreds of dollars for a phone, only to drop it once (at just the right angle) and break it. Apple is definitely thinking along the right lines with this new invention. Consumers want products that are reliable and will last a long time -- especially at the price of the current iPhone.

Even though you will have to wait awhile to see Apple's new patent at work in any device, the concept is real and it's here. That's about as great as it gets, and it's one of the biggest advancements in the smartphone world in a long time. Were BlackBerry to have though of this invention first, the company might have something to brag about. Too bad Apple was the first one to the table once again!