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  • Apple Is In the Process of Designing First TV
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Rumors about a potential Apple TV have been around for many months now. This time, though, the news comes from the reputable Wall Street Journal. WSJ reports this morning that Apple is currently testing out a number of different television designs. Reportedly, Apple is working with Fox Conn and Sharp on the new TV set. This is the most concrete news on the matter that has surfaced thus far. Since the news comes from a reputable source, it’s also likely that all of the details about this story are true. Apple is, indeed, working on a TV.

When will this TV arrive? How much will it cost? What will it look like? All of these details are difficult to project at the moment. At the time being, Apple is still in the testing stage, which means that the TV sets are not likely to hit the mass market within the very near future. But, it’s worth pointing out that Apple has been chewing on the TV idea for a while, and this is the closest the company has ever come to actually turning that idea into a reality.

A Good Move for Apple

Not only do consumers seem to want an Apple TV but also Apple hasn’t really introduced a new product in some time. The last device to hit the market from Apple with the iPad, and that wasn’t recent. Apple’s currently products ranging form the iPod to the iPad are well ingrained in the minds of consumers around the world, so the company could really benefit from brining a new device to the market. Hopefully, Apple will fare better than the company’s main competitor, Google. Google TV wasn’t really a success, but Apple might have more success if the company can create something that’s truly outstanding.

Even though Apple is an innovative company with a lot of great ideas, the TV market has really changed. Apple has a lot of technology to study, and the company must create a TV that blows the rest out of the water in order to enjoy a successful launch. Another factor is price. Apple is known for creating quality products, but most of Apple’s lineup is also on the expensive side. If Apple wants to market a TV for the general population, the company will have to focus on a TV that’s not over the top price-wise.

Why would anyone want to purchase an Apple TV instead of a TV manufactured by a well-known television brand like Panasonic or Sony? Mostly because Apple’s products have a reputation for being well made. Then again, when a company ventures into new tech waters, it’s almost guaranteed that the first product a company makes within a new line of products will not be top-notch.

There’s also the concern that some consumers may purchase the very first Apple TV, only to be left out in the cold when Apple creates a newer, better, TV option. But, for now, we’ll all have to sit back and see what Apple does create. The news that Apple is working on a TV design is interesting and somewhat exciting news – especially since Apple fans have been wondering when an Apple TV will come out for many months now.