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  • A New Atari (and Zynga) Game
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Remember Atari? The once massive video game giant is back. This time, Atari has partnered with Zynga. The first game to come out of the new partnership is a remake of Atari’s old arcade game Breakout. Not familiar with Breakout? This classic game features a bunny called Rodney. Your mission is to help Rodney break out of his cage and rescue other animals that are locked in animal testing laboratories. By tossing Rodney around a bit, he’s wearing a helmet, you can break the bricks that surround various caged animals.

Breakout was a hit in its time. Do Atari and Zynga have what it takes to make Breakout a hit once again? It’s a tough video game world out there, but anything is possible. Zynga and Atari are releasing Breakout as an iOS app first. Following this app release, it’s assumed that the gaming duo will create an Android version of the game (if all goes well, that is) -- Atari has stated that an Android version is in the works.

Cost, Availability, and Other Details

Breakout, revamped, will be available on iOS for $.99. This seems to be a standard iOS game price, so Atari and Zynga got it right as far as pricing goes. So far, the game has received good reviews. While most review sites are listing the new Breakout game at $.99, there is a free version available too. After playing the game for a few minutes, it’s clear that this is a classic game revamped. The gaming designs that made games like Breakout so popular in the 1970s are still present in the new iOS version.

But, it’s also clear that Atari has worked hard at making Breakout appeal to modern gamers. The game is fun to play, comes with some crystal clear graphics, and is really entertaining. Is it as fun as Angry Birds? Quite possibly. There is plenty of room on the iOS game table to share the fame, though. Breakout and Angry Birds aren’t exactly the same kind of game, and gamers are bound to enjoy having both games installed on an iPhone.

Additional Buy and How Atari Will Make Money

Atari made some great games back in the day. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt when making some bad game choices. Now that Atari has teamed up with Zynga, the company is bound to get back on its feet. So, some new and great games are bound to pop up via iOS or Android. But, first Atari needs to gain some funding cash. How will the company startup once again? Well, additional buys and gaming prices will help some.

If you download Breakout Boost (the free version), you will be able to play on the basic level. To unlock additional levels, you have to pay that $.99 fee. You can also purchase items during gameplay that will help you break those animals out of animal prison faster. These purchased items will them help Atari and Zynga gain funding. See? It’s all one big and beautiful circle. If you loved Atari when you were a kid, or want to know how great this company once was, make sure to purchase the Breakout game. It’s time that Rovio has a bit of competition, don’t you think?