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  • Audi's New Augmented Reality iPhone App
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High-end cars have a problem. Well, actually, it's the owners of high-end cars that have this problem. While expensive cars may look great, trying to figure out what all the lights, sounds, and gadgets inside of a pricey car do is time-consuming if you consult an owner's manual. Audi has found a very useful solution to this problem.

The New Audi AI App

Audi's new augmented reality app makes it a heck of a lot easier to diagnose car trouble when it happens - it can also help you figure out how to program radio stations. Using the iPhone app, Audio owners can simply aim the app at a trouble spot, and the app will explain what the problem is or how to fix something.

The Audi app uses the iPhone's camera to "view" a certain area of a car, and the included user manual provides a quick way to diagnose a problem or provide a quick solution to most issues. But, Audi's app doesn't just show owners a boring manual page - it actually provides diagrams, arrows, and other instructions that are use-friendly and simple to follow.


Right now, the Audi app has instructions for over 300 buttons, parts, and other Audi bits. However, the app is only available for the A1 and A3 at the moment. It can be assumed that Audi will update the app to include instructions for all Audi users soon enough, though.

Audi is also pulling all new updates and information from the cloud, so you don't have to do anything on your end when it comes to updates. The only drawback to this is that the app might not always work if you don't have an Internet connection. So, if you're stuck in the country without the Internet, you'll have to resort to that boring old owner's manual.

Audi Gets It Right

Sometimes, augmented reality apps are just plain confusing, but this app makes a lot of sense. If you've ever dealt with a fussy high-end car that comes with an owner's manual the size of a telephone book (remember those?), you know just how useful this app is going to be.

The Audi augmented reality app is currently available through the Apple store. The app is also ready in English, German, and Japanese. There's no word yet whether or not Audi will be making an Android version of this app, but it's probably not something the company is thinking about right now - first, Audi has to make the app available to all Audi models!

Finally, augmented reality has found a purposeful use, and Audi has really made every effort to provide drivers with an app that's handy in many situations. The one drawback is that you have to have constant WiFi in order to use the app, and that might not work so well for most people needing help while on a road trip.

If you drive an Audi, will you use this app? I'm betting that you will if your Audi is overly complicated!