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  • BBX May Get a Facelift
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Research In Motion is in need of an upgrade. The company has needed a facelift for some time now, and many consumers complain of outdated RIM smartphones that can’t compare to other top smartphone contenders. Yet, there are many within the business world who won’t let go of the BlackBerry. It is for these people, seemingly, that RIM forges onwards.

A recent announcement by RIM caught the attention of many consumers and reviewers alike. Why was this announcement so amazing? RIM has declared that the next generation of RIM smartphones won’t look like all the rest. This in itself is an amazing feat. So, what will the new BlackBerry line-up look like? Here’s a quick overview of what RIM has recently announced.

A Complete Touchscreen

RIM announced that the new generation of BlackBerry smartphones may do away with the keyboard/screen combination. Instead, the new generation will have a full touchscreen. If you’re thinking that these new phones will look like all the other touchscreen phones on the market, you might not be mistaken. While catching up with the crowd is needed, RIM may be making a risky move by creating smartphones that look like all the rest.

If you take a moment to recall the BlackBerry Storm, you might remember that the Storm had a full touchscreen. At first, the Storm was widely received, and many anticipated the Storm’s launch. Then, the Storm ran into a number of problems. Most of these problems were directly related to the fact that the Storm was rather buggy. Consumers quickly lost interest in the Storm, and many went on to revert to other BlackBerry devices or to seek other smartphone options. Now that RIM is looking to bring the full touchscreen back, one has to wonder if this is a good idea.

RIM also took a stab at a full touchscreen with the Torch. The Torch did sell, but sales weren’t hot. Also, let’s not forget the Playbook, which has largely been pushed aside by most tablet seekers. So, can RIM pull itself out of this mess with a new line-up of touchscreen smartphones? Maybe. Then again, those loyal to the BlackBerry have gotten rather used to the keyboard/screen combo.

A Good or Bad Move?

Time and again, I’ve heard that the iPhone is not a business phone. The people who make this statement often feel the same way about Android phones. Those who want to remain serious and business-like (whatever that is) often opt for the BlackBerry. The number one reason why the BlackBerry is more popular amongst the business crowd is simple: the keyboard is easier to use and things get typed a lot quicker. Take away the keyboard, and you have another touchscreen smartphone.

Is this a wise move for RIM? Only time will tell, but it’s better than doing nothing. After all, consumers have been demanding that RIM get with the times, and nothing is more now than an all touchscreen smartphone. Stay tuned for more announcements from RIM. An all touchscreen BlackBerry that works well may be on store shelves very soon.