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  • The New Bitly (Don’t Worry, The Site Still Shortens Links!)
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Bitly, the site that shortens URLs, has added some new features to the site. While you can still shorten any URL that you need to, you can also play around with the new “Bitmarks” that Bitly has created. As you might have guessed by the way that the new feature sounds, Bitmarks are types of bookmarks. Only, Bitly wants to change how you use, store, and view bookmarks. If you’re tired of losing bookmarks or want something that’s just, well, more advanced than a simple bookmark tool, take a look at the new Bitly – here’s a quick peek at the improved features.

The New Bitly Interface

As soon as you head to the Bitly site, you will see a rather thorough explanation of the Bitmark feature. As the quick demo explains, Bitly users can now save a link (this can be anything from a YouTube video to a simple text page), organize those links into categories, and search through the links using a handy filter. In addition – and here’s where the new Bitly bookmarks really shine – users can share a collection of Bitmarked links with other people via social networks. Right now, the social networks that Bitly has chosen include Facebook and Twitter. Users can also email bookmarks to others.

Not only can users Bitmark various pages and share those pages with friends, but it is also possible to ask friends to suggest additional links that can be added to a Bitmark category. All privacy settings and filters are completely controlled by users and the Bitly site will even suggest new links to add to your Bitmark folder (opportunity for advertised links here? I think so!).

Chrome Browser Extension

If you currently use Google’s Chrome as your main browser, you can add the Bitly extension to your browser for extra ease. This extension will allow you to simply click on a Bitly icon at the top of your screen in order to save a page at a Bitmark. If you don’t have Chrome or use Chrome, you can access the Bitly Bitmarks and save Bitmarks by copying and pasting a link into the Bitmark page.

While it’s not too complicated to head to the Bitly page and add a URL whenever you want to save one, this step might make Bitly Bitmarks too labor intensive for many people. Again, if you have Chrome, installing the browser extension is the way to go. Otherwise, you might find it tiresome to constantly add Bitmarks by visiting the Bitly website (just a hunch). Signing up for a Bitmark or Bitly account is simple enough thanks to a quick Facebook or Twitter signup button (if you don’t like these options, you can always just sign up manually). Just beware that Bitly will want to post Facebook posts on your behalf, so make sure to skip this option unless you want to send a bunch of spam to all of your friends.

In Conclusion of Bitly Bitmarks

In the end, Bitly is attempting to change the face of bookmarks and they might just succeed with some Chrome users. However, this reviewer doesn’t see Bitmarks catching on with the majority of Internet users, since adding a Bitmark without Chrome is just too time-consuming.