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  • The New Blackberry 9930
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Rumor has it that someone at Verizon accidentally imbedded a video of the new Blackberry Bold 9930 inside of another video early this morning (7/27/2011). The video gave those who were looking for information about the Blackberry 9650 a sneak peek at the new Bold. Whether or not this video slip was a true accident has yet to be seen (and probably never will be), though the information about the 9930 remains intact.

Those who have been waiting for the Blackberry 9930 to emerge were no doubt elated when news of the Bold leak spread across Twitter like wildfire. In case you’re not glued to Twitter or some other social network like the rest of the planet, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from the next RIM family member.

Bold 9930 Features

I’d love to report that the new Bold comes with many unforeseen features. Sadly, this just isn’t the case. Yet, the new Bold may come with enough features to keep those who love Blackberry satisfied. Some of the things that you can look forward to (if you’re still looking forward to Blackberry releases, that is) include a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a much larger QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry 7 OS, and a 1.2GHz processor.

The new Bold is also very slim. So slim that it’s the thinnest Bold ever to be released. What’s the deal with the new Blackberry OS? Not a lot, really. The new Blackberry OS looks a lot like the old OS, though Blackberry does claim that there are some key updates. Are all of these things enough to convert iPhone and Android users to (or back to) Blackberry?

Grasping at Straws

Research In Motion is no stranger to tech news headlines lately. The company has not been doing so well after a rough year of competing with Android phones and the iPhone. RIM has even been forced to fire thousands of employees in an attempt to raise stock prices and set the company straight. In short, Research In Motion really needs new devices that turn heads.

When news of RIM’s new device lineup reached consumers earlier this year, many were letdown by the proposed devices that RIM intends to market. Devoted Blackberry fans were searching for new devices that could compete with what Apple has to offer. Instead, RIM proposed devices that were “new” in the broadest definition of the word, but weren’t innovative or original. Still, some are simply waiting for a new Blackberry toy regardless of innovation.


The Blackberry Bold 9930 will hit store shelves sometime this coming fall. At the moment, you can’t view the 9930 video through the Verizon site any longer. However, a slew of tech sites have managed to copy the video, and the Blackberry blunder can be seen through any of these sites. If you’re looking for something as mind blowing as the original iPhone was, the Bold isn’t it. If you’re simply dedicated to RIM and all it has to offer, you may decide that the Bold is a decent enough upgrade.

For all who are holding out and hoping that RIM will get its act together, keep your eyes on the company throughout this coming year. Research In Motion has to find a way to appeal to the smartphone crowd once again really soon, or the company will be forgotten.