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  • BlackBerry Is Not Going to Sell - New CEO Hired
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There's big news on the BlackBerry front today. The company is no longer for sale. Instead, BlackBerry is trying out a new CEO. Is there hope for the Waterloo company yet? Let's take a closer look at what's happening in the world of BlackBerry.

Replacing Thorsten Heins

The move to hire Thorsten Heins was controversial amongst BlackBerry fans when it happened. Heins had his time to shine, but he couldn't turn the company around. So, out with the old and in with the new, it seems. Who's the newest person to take the reigns over at BlackBerry?

Hi name is John S. Chen, and he comes from a company called Sybase. Chen acted as the CEO of Sybase for some time before being scooped up by BlackBerry. BlackBerry is putting some last minute hope in Chen, and the company is really looking to turn things around this time. But, why?

Why Restructure Instead of Sell?

Wasn't BlackBerry doomed for a long time? Well, technically, it still is. But, BlackBerry has just released BBM for iOS and Android, and that means that many new people are just learning about what BBM has to offer. BlackBerry is really hoping that the new BBM app release will help the company pick up some new users.

On the flip side, this is far from the first time that BlackBerry has tried to restructure. In fact, the company has gone through so many different restructuring phases that it's really tough to keep track. Why would this one be any different? Maybe Chen has ideas that Heins didn't or maybe Chen is a better leader. Either way, it looks like your BlackBerry won't be obsolete just yet.

A Plan Is Needed

It's hard to tell exactly why BlackBerry decided not to sell. I'm guessing that it had a lot to do with the fact that no buyer wanted the company in its entirety, and that BlackBerry wouldn't sell for parts. It's also possible that BlackBerry execs still believe in the company and technology. It's possible.

No matter how you slice it, though, BlackBerry needs to come up with a really good future plan. That plan should include feasible goals, some new devices that are actually worth buying, and the ability to prove to the public that the company isn't going to fold tomorrow. One of the main reasons that people stay away from BlackBerry phones right now is the fear that the company won't be around much longer. That's a good reason.

Waiting and Waiting

With Chen now at the reigns over at BlackBerry, the company may just gain the breath of life that it needs. If you're a BlackBerry fan, Chen is your last hope, it seems. It's hard to imagine that the company will go through another restructure if Chen doesn't work out. But, you never know - nobody saw this one coming!

What do you think about the new BlackBerry CEO? Happy to see Heins go? Not sure that Chen can actually save the day? Let us know below!