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  • New BlackBerry Curve Announced
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Rumors about the new BlackBerry Curve have been circulating for some time now. First, Research In Motion introduced the new Bold, Torch, and Storm. Now, RIM is ready to unleash the Curve on the waiting BlackBerry masses. The new Curve promises to be a solid smartphone that’s ideal for anyone looking to merge into the smartphone market.

The new Curve is also idea for anyone seeking to try out a BlackBerry for the first time. Research In Motion has been working on revamping the company’s lineup of smartphones, and so far the new releases have been steady by lackluster. While RIM has released Curve details, the company has not yet announced a release date or pricing information.

New Curve Specs

While the look of any smartphone is important, it’s what’s inside of a phone that attracts consumers. RIM kept the average smartphone consumer in mind when creating the new Curve. This version of the popular Curve includes a 500-megapixel camera, an 800 MHz processor, and a 2.44-inch display.

Research In Motion will release three Curves including the Curve 9370, 9360, and 9350. Needless to say, all three versions will run on the new BlackBerry OS 7. For all of you BBM fans, all three Curves will also have the latest BBM offering. In short, these smartphones will be faster and sleeker than the previous Curves, but not quite as stellar as the Bold.

Who Will Like The New Curve

The new Curve smartphones from RIM are not comparable to Apple’s current iPhone 4, though they aren’t trying to be. Research In Motion is attempting to reach a different demographic with its new Curve lineup. This demographic is business-minded, younger, and looking for a phone that doesn’t start with an “i” or have the nickname “droid.”

If this sounds like the type of consumer that you are, the new Curve might be a good smartphone to choose. You will become well acquainted with BlackBerry through the use of this smartphone, but you won’t find yourself bogged down by all the things that make the Bold so popular. For many, one of the new Curves will certainly fit the bill.

Some Criticism

Even though RIM has been trying to catch up to the smartphone big boys, the press and public in general have been less than impressed with RIM’s new smartphone offerings. Some feel that all of RIM’s latest releases are nothing more than a way to appease BlackBerry enthusiasts for the time being, and this may be the truth of it. After all, RIM has come under a lot of fire lately.

Whether or not RIM is simply trying to update their existing phones with newer, slightly better, versions or whether the company is really putting its best foot forward has yet to be seen. Yet, the new smartphone lineup from RIM is gaining enough attention from RIM fans around the globe. Let’s not forget that in parts of the world outside of North America, the BlackBerry BBM system is quite popular. It is these consumers that RIM hopes to target with a new smartphone lineup.