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  • A Look Inside the New BlackBerry World
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This is a make it or break it kind of month for RIM. The company will be announcing major news today. In addition, RIM announced the creation of the new BlackBerry World this week. RIM’s updated BlackBerry World now includes music, movies, and many new apps. In short, BlackBerry World catches up to Apple’s and Google’s app stores, finally. Those who own BlackBerry device have already had a chance to play around with the new app store. Those considering purchasing a new BlackBerry device will want to take a look at what the new app store offers first.

Music and Movies

RIM won’t be creating a subscription music or movie option (for now). But, BlackBerry users now have access to many new titles. Most major movies will be available the day after they are released on DVD. As far as music goes, you will be able to purchase individual tracks or albums through BlackBerry World (pricing is competitive). RIM has also added a number of television shows to the BlackBerry World lineup. Almost all major TV shows will be available through BlackBerry World the day after a show has debuted. So, if you miss an episode of a favorite show, you can purchase that show through BlackBerry World the next day.

If you’re thinking that BlackBerry World probably doesn’t have as many apps, movies, music, and TV shows as Apple or Google does, you’d be surprised. As far as apps go, it’s nearly impossible to compare any platform to what Apple is offering, so let’s just skip that comparison for now. But, RIM has been working very hard to entice developers to create new apps for BlackBerry World, and the app store is chalk-full of great apps. Will you find Instagram and other popular apps? Not yet; but developers are likely to get behind RIM if the company can prove itself.

Music, TV, and Movie Contracts Galore

RIM has managed to make some impressive deals with all major music, TV, and movie studios, though, so you will find all of that content is available. Make no mistake about it; this Waterloo company isn’t about to give up. BlackBerry World has just launched and it’s already full of great content. Give the company a few months, and BlackBerry World will be competitive enough to lure some Apple and Google fans. It’s also hard to ignore the impending announcements that RIM will be making today (update on this site as soon as details are confirmed).

For a long time, it seemed as though RIM was going to be pushed out of the smartphone space by Apple and Google. With the launch of BlackBerry World and the news that RIM is set to release today, it certainly looks like RIM is here to stay – and that’s a good thing.

Update: Research In Motion has officially changed its name to BlackBerry. That’s right, RIM is no more. Now, the device that you use (or some of you use) is also the name of the company. Will BlackBerry compete effectively with Apple, or will it be the battle of the fruit? Either way, BlackBerry World is worth looking at if you have a Playbook or BlackBerry (device, not the company).