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  • Is BlackBerry Too Late With the New Classic?
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BlackBerry has just released a new version of the company’s Classic phone. The new BlackBerry Classic was created in order to entice fans of the original BlackBerry, but is the new Classic enough to get back all those users that BlackBerry has lost?

Here’s a closer look at what the company hopes to accomplish with the Classic, and what you may want to look forward to if you are one of the many that has been waiting for the Classic to return to store shelves.

Sticking With What Works

BlackBerry tried. It tried to keep up with the likes of iOS and Android. It also failed miserably. Consumers just weren’t interested in mediocre smartphones that were really replicas of every other smartphone on the market, only with the BlackBerry name. Even when most of the world switch to some kind of iOS or Android phone, BlackBerry users weren’t impressed. These users, mostly the business crowd, wanted what works - a BlackBerry phone with a tactile keyboard that is mainly a business tool.

It took some time for BlackBerry to realize its mistake, but the company has finally come around with a new version of the classic phone. The hope here is to bring back those people that were unhappy with newer versions of BlackBerry smartphones. But there’s a problem. It might be too late. Most of those would be BlackBerry fans have moved on to a new phone a long time ago, and many of them like what they thought they would hate.

Getting the Crowd Back

The new BlackBerry Classic looks just like the old Bold, which is the phone that most long-time BlackBerry fans liked the best, and still use the most. In fact, it’s kind of hard to differentiate between the old Bold and the new Classic. Still, a few telling details set this newer phone apart from the rest.

BlackBerry has placed a metal band around the perimeter of the Classic, and sealed the phone shut. So, no, you can’t replace the battery on this phone. A nano SIM card and micro SD card slot are both placed on the side of the phone this time, and the phone comes with three holes on the bottom. The three holes are for a USB cable that will allow users to charge and sync the phone; one is a microphone; and the other one is a speaker.

A Retro Design

If you think back to the original bold that BlackBerry is trying to emulate with the new Classic, the design of the Classic may not surprise you, but it will be too large and bulky for some. The Classic is actually thicker and heavier than the previous Bold, and it’s a lot bigger and thicker than an iPhone and most Android options.

What the company was really know for back in the day was a phone that users could pick up with one hand and easily send a message thanks to some quick action buttons - those buttons are back. You’ll also get better software inside of the new Classic, and a screen that works well enough for texts and emails.

If you are a fan of the old Bold (and you hate most modern phones), you’ll probably love the new Classic. But for some, BlackBerry’s decision to finally move back to what works might have come far too late.