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  • Need A New Phone Number? Use This App.
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Have you ever wished you could have a disposable cell phone number? If you have, you are either an undercover agent or someone who gives out fake phone numbers. Either way, now there’s an app that can provide you with that disposable number. The iOS app called Burner allows users to create multiple phone numbers. Once those numbers are no longer needed, users can simply “burn” them. Is it just me or can you think of all kinds of reasons why providing fake cell phone numbers to people is a bad idea?

Then again, there is a non-threatening market for Burner too. Sometimes you need a phone number for a small project. Or you need a number to give to that annoying girlfriend. In any case, Burner is a neat startup that many people will get a lot of use out of (for one reason or another). If you want a fake phone number, here’s how Burner works.

Using Burner Is Simple For All

The concept behind Burner is simple enough. Users create a Burner account, and a new phone number is assigned. This phone number creates a separate line within iOS, and that line is connected to a real number. Then, when someone calls the Burner number, a user’s cellphone will ring. When a number is no longer needed, users must confirm the delete, and then press the “burn” button. After a number has been burned, that number is gone forever.

You Can Use Burner All Around

Not only can a Burner number be used to answer calls, but this number works with text messages too. If you need to give out an alternate number, you can write back to someone via text using your Burner number. Anyone who calls your Burner number can also leave a voice mail. Really, Burner numbers are just like regular numbers. Only, you don’t have to commit to that relationship if you never want to see a person again. All you have to do is burn your number, and you are home free.

Burner Is Not Free

Acting like James Bond comes with a fee. Each Burner number will cost you $1.99 to purchase. If you need additional credits, those will also cost you $1.99 each. If you think that you’ll need a lot of additional credits, your best bet is to purchase numbers in bulk. Burner has created bulk packages for this reason. Even though Burner is not free, it is definitely the first app of its kind. It’s also the first app that taps into this untapped market.

Only on iOS for Now

Right now, Burner is not available on the Android platform. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Burner will come to Android soon, though this will likely depend on the revenues that Burner generates. So, if you want to sell something online, intend to set up one night stands, or just want a number that can’t be traced, make sure to check out the Burner app.