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  • Love to Board? Burton Has a New App
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This one is for all the boarders out there. All of you mavericks that like to carve new snow and rule the half-pipe. Burton has teamed up with Nokia to create the ultimate snowboarding app. If you are serious about boarding, you have to have this app. Not only does it record your time, but it allows you to have some stellar bragging rights too. Check it out.

The Burton Sequencer App

Burton’s Sequencer app is Lumia-specific. That means that you won’t be able to use this app unless you have a Nokia Lumia. Is the Lumia crowd particularly sporty? Are a lot of boarders buying the Lumia? Who knows; but Nokia is betting that Burton will be able to draw in a boarding crowd with this app. So, what does the app do, exactly? Burton’s new app allows boarders to track trails, see which slopes are open, find slope and mountain maps, look for specific gear, and create sequenced photos.

Even those who are standing and watching other people board can take advantage of sequenced photos using the app. Riders will also be able to download specific playlists for the perfect ride. The app will soon feature a friend finder function that will help boarders find out where friends are. This upcoming feature will make it easier to join up with a friend who’s already on a slope or lost somewhere in the wilderness.

Windows Phones: The New Thing?

So, you might be thinking that nobody will buy the new Lumia just because Burton has created an app. But, you might be surprised to note that so many people are already using Windows phones. And many of those people are using Lumia phones. As it turns out, the Lumia is actually really popular these days. Not only is it popular, but it’s super popular with the snowboarding counter-culture crowd. That’s right, folks, Windows phones are starting to be “the phone” to have if you are under thirty. Did you know that your phone could give away your age? No? Well, it just might!

I haven’t had a chance to test out the new Burton app, but if you have a Lumia you might want to take a look. This app does help people take amazingly awesome photographs, as I’ve been told, and it will come in handy if you board a lot and want a helpful trail map or song list to quickly launch. Is the new Burton app mind-blowing? Maybe not; but it does cater to a particular culture – one that likes Windows phones more than iOS or Android phones.

It would also be nice to have an app like this one when barreling down unknown slopes or trying to find your way out of a particularly sticky trail. Of course, being able to find friends while out boarding is also an added bonus. This is the first app from Burton for Windows, and it’s bound to be a popular one. Presumably, the Burton app is a free one, but make sure to check first.