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Ask any member of Don Draper's team what matters the most when it comes to TV advertising, and they would all say: "time." This notion still holds water today. Time is vital when building an ad campaign, no matter what that campaign is. This is a concept that the developers behind Chartbeat fully understand.

Chartbeat is a platform that helps advertisers see how Internet users are actually seeing advertisements. Confused? Let's break it down like this: where you place an ad and how that ad is viewed matters more than how many people click on that ad. But, this is something that most online companies and ad firms have forgotten. Chartbeat aims to make time important once more.

Using Chartbeat

So far, Chartbeat has already been used by Time and The Wall Street Journal. This company has helped those mega publishers figure out where, if, and when ads on both respective sites work. How? Chartbeat clearly displays how much time site viewers are spending looking at an ad. This is priceless information.

If companies can learn how long users look at certain ads, they can then use this information to see which ads are working and which ones really aren't. If viewers aren't looking at an ad at all (or for very long), a company can change that ad or remove it. Chartbeat will also help advertising companies target ads more directly.

How Chartbeat Helps Advertisers Too

Imagine that you run an online advertising company. Now, imagine that you can prove to clients that one ad sells better than others by showing those clients just how long people look at that winning ad. You can then charge more for that ad. See how great Chartbeat can be?

There's something else at work here too. Using Chartbeat, site owners can see what kinds of content are effective, and what content is useless. Soon, it will be proven that quality content really does matter. Chartbeat will make sure that site owners see just how vital good content is.

How to Get Chartbeat

So, now that you know how awesome Chartbeat is, and why you should have it no matter what side of a site you're on, how can you actually get this analytics service? Right now, Chartbeat is offering a free 30-day trial. I suggest you check out this trial. You can also see exactly how the site works by viewing the demo on the Chartbeat main page.

Chartbeat works in real time, too, so you can see what viewers are checking out right now. There's no other platform like this on the market currently, so it will be worth that sign-up price once your 30-day trial is over. Chartbeat's main purpose is to help publishers come up with better content, and to prove that good content will get the most views.

If you're stuffing articles with keywords and hoping for the best, you might soon find out that your viewers aren't actually reading those pages. A better way to go about it is to use Chartbeat, and find out what's really happening on your site.