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  • Move Over Samsung, Xiaomi Is Here
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Xiaomi is probably a brand that you haven’t heard of. But you will. The Beijing-based smartphone company has already taken half of the world by storm, and now it’s creeping up on Apple and Android.

There’s good reason why Xiaomi is so popular too. Since you’ll soon be seeing this brand around town, here are the details that you need to know.

Why Xiaomi Phones Are Popular

Some might argue that Xiaomi phones and tablets are so popular because the design isn’t original. In fact, the company has come under some major fire for creating designs that are nearly duplicates of Apple designs, but Xiaomi has fired back claiming that its designs are, in fact, original, and that Apple doesn’t own the market on flat tablets and phones. Okay, so aside from the fact that these devices are eerily similar to what Apple offers, there are other reasons why Xiaomi devices have been really popular in places like India.

Xiaomi designs are entirely affordable; they are well developed (read: sturdy and not flimsy); the MIUI (Xiaomi’s UI) is unique and customizable in ways that iOS and Android aren’t; and these devices are pleasing to the eye. There’s not much to hate about Xiaomi designs or devices, but what about that cheaper price tag?

Pricing Details

One of the company’s most popular designs, the Redmi Note, retails for around $154. That’s oodles less than what Apple is offering, and you can’t really buy a decent Android for that price either – the Redmi Note is a tablet, by the way. That’s right, you will soon be able to purchase a tablet for under $200, and it’s every bit as impressive as anything else on the market. Xiaomi plans to make its way into Australia and North America very soon, now that the company has already conquered India.

Strangely, Xiaomi has a strong following of devoted fans, too, and those fans are more than happy to spread the love – how the company managed to get this fan-based is unknown, but those followers show up to every company event, and they do make the marketing world go around for Xiaomi, so they’re kind of invaluable. If a whole bunch of devoted brand followers has picked up on this company, maybe there’s something to it – plus, did you see that price tag?


It’s looking like Xiaomi will be coming to America in the next few years. The company has already snagged Hugo Barra (former Google exec), and has made it into the pages of major magazines like Bloomberg. You might have to wait a few years to taste what Xiaomi is selling, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love it.

Whether this company makes devices that resemble Apple products or not, Xiaomi is quietly killing the smartphone and tablet scene with affordable options that are both durable and desirable – you also can’t forget the crowd of people that follow this company around. If you want to read more about Xiaomi, make sure to check out the company’s website.