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Cosponsor.gov is a Facebook app, but it's more than that. This app lets any US citizen publicly support and track any House legislation. The app was, technically, launched awhile ago, but the re-launch of the app (happening today) has been upgraded.

When Cosponsor.gov was first launched, the app was exclusive to Republican backers. Now, the app lets anyone vote on both Republican and Democratic issues. The app was developed by House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor (R-Va), and it's purpose is clear: to give Facebook users a real way to support various bills.

The App Process

It can be tough to know about many bills - even tougher to track those bills once in progress. Cosponsor.gov lets you support a bill and track that same bill. After marking your support for one bill or another, you will be notified via Facebook of any changes to the bill. This means that you'll never have to search for details about an obscure bill again - Facebook will do all the digging for you.

While an interesting idea, Cosponsor.gov lacks the option to dislike a bill, which, to some, is just as important as liking a bill. Still, heading to Cosponsor.gov to support a bill or comment on that bill is sure to provide you with political entertainment for hours. What's the point of this app?

Open to All

More often than not, the general public isn't aware of bills that are currently passing through the House. When a bill is publicly debated, it's nearly impossible to actually keep tabs on that bill. The point of Cosponsor.gov is to make sure that all bills are transparent to all citizens, and that all citizens actually have a voice.

Will supporting a bill of Facebook change matters? Not much; but it beats simply posting about it on your Facebook page. This way, at least, you can become part of the discussion, and receive updates on that bill that you support. The site would, as mentioned, be better if it included a way to dislike a bill, but, for the time being, it's not a bad start.

Take A Look

Right now, if you head to the Cosponsor.gov website, you will see a number of bills listed. To support or read about a bill, simply click on the bill link (small info paragraph). When looking at the site, I was surprised to find many bills that I did not know existed. Once in awhile, someone might pass around a bill or two on Facebook, but most of these efforts go completely unnoticed.

If you have some time today, take a moment to check out the Cosponsor.gov site. You will find a number of bills that you did not know about, be able to read about those bills, and publicly state what you do like about a bill. The app is really interesting (and would be a great learning tool for children and teens), and it's definitely worth taking a look at. The app is all set up and rolling today, so make sure to take a look.