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  • Dell's Newest Notebooks Don't Come With Bloatware
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The biggest problem with budget laptops is a lack of extensive battery life. Heck, even expensive laptops lack when it comes to battery power. Dell aims to change that fact with the new Dell 11 3000 series. These notebooks come with Intel's newest chip (Haswell), which means that they also come with better battery life. Plus, the 11 3000 series is affordable. These are two things that you definitely want in your next laptop.

What Dell Gets Right

With Intel's new Haswell chips, companies using these chips have a choice. Laptops can either be made lighter and slimmer or they can go the longer battery route. Compactness is always a good thing, but it takes second place to a long battery life because, let's be realistic, most people using a laptop want a longer lasting battery.

Dell claims that the new 11 3000 series can last up to 8-hours on one single charge. That's a really decent amount of battery time. And just because Dell went the extended battery route, that doesn't mean that the new notebooks aren't light and portable - quite the contrary.

Weight Details

Dell's newest Haswell 11 3000 notebooks weigh in at just 3.15 pounds. That means that you can easily carry your new Dell notebook around with you, enjoy a longer battery life, and grab an expensive coffee while you're out because this notebook doesn't come with a high price tag. Starting at just $379, the newest members of the Dell family are light, long-lasting, and affordable too. So, what's not to love? Certainly not the things that Dell has purposely gotten rid of.

A Really Good Move

Dell has (finally!) cut out all the bloatware from the company's latest notebooks. You won't find all of those annoying popups and pre-loaded apps that you usually find with PCs when it comes to Dell's latest offering. What you'll get is a straightforward notebook that simply works - and won't slow down thanks to annoyances like McAfee virus notifications!

I can't stress enough how important it is that Dell has axed bloatware. Specifics haven't yet been revealed, but the company has stated that the newest notebooks from Dell won't come with lots of those pre-loaded and apps. Halleluiah! This is what those cautious about buying a PC have been waiting for, right? Can't wait?

Release Date and Other Details

Dell is set to roll out the new Haswell notebooks on October 3rd. If you're counting, that's just a few weeks from now. Dell will sell the notebooks on the company's own website, and you'll also be able to check out the newest Dell option in various stores like Best Buy.

Once the notebooks roll out officially, I will bring you hands-on details. For now, though, it's nice to sit back and think about a PC that doesn't come chalk-fully of bloatware. Yes, my friends, that's a great thing.

Let's not forget, too, that Dell has extended battery life, and has made this option lightweight. Are you in love yet?