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  • Dell Tablets Coming Soon
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Some markets are tough to break into and the tablet market happens to be just that kind. The tablet world is largely dominated by Apple’s iPad followed by “everything else.” This is especially true given the launch of the latest iPad that no other tablet has been able to touch. But there’s always room for a new company in any device market – if that company can live up to the high demands of current consumers. The latest company rumored to be making a tablet to outdo all other tablets is Dell.

While Dell isn’t known for producing the best devices on the planet (economically sound and relatively stable sure, but not the top options out there), Dells execs have recently stated that the company is in the process of rolling out a new tablet. Further, Dell is overly optimistic that their product will fare well in the current tablet market. If you’ve been considering a new tablet but aren’t sold on the iPad, Dell might have something to offer.

About the Upcoming Dell Tablet

Right now, the details surrounding the impending Dell tablet are scarce. What Dell has reported thus far is that the company might go with an Android-based tablet, but that they are also looking at Windows 8 options. If Dell were to go with a Windows 8 option, it might be the first company to roll out a Windows 8 tablet, but this all remains to be seen. Dell has also told reporters over at Mashable that the company feels it has a distinct advantage over Apple when it comes to business contracts.

Right now, Dell devices are largely used in the business world, and Dell believes that business customers will continue to use these devices. Dell reps cited something about security when choosing Dell over an Apple device, though the details of this security mention are largely vague at the moment. Does Dell offer devices that are more secure than Apple devices? I’m not certain that this is the case, but Dell certainly seems confident in this approach. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what kind of tablet puts out there.

A Pricing Opportunity Window

If any company is going to truly break into the tablet market with force, that company will have to offer tablets that are far more affordable than the current tablets on the market (and by “current” I mean “iPad”). Even though the iPad is an excellent tablet option with many features that all will find appealing, the price of the iPad isn’t something that most people can deal with. If a company like Dell were to offer up a tablet that’s just as excellent at a lower price, there’s a possibility that the market could be cracked.

Of course, Dell would have to make a tablet that’s profitable so the price couldn’t be too low, but I’m betting anything that compares to the iPad and comes in at a lower price would be appreciated by all kinds of tablet-seeking consumers.