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  • New Digg to Replace Google Reader
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When Google announced that it Reader was being trashed, Google Reader users all over let out a collective cry. What? Why? Oh no! These were the immediate responses. Would any company ever make a reader that was comparable to what Google had created? What company would take over? As it turns out, Digg has your back.

The newly formed Digg team has been hard at work creating a reader to replace what Google fans had come to know and love. The new Digg reader acts and looks a lot like the Google Reader of old, but it is missing a few things here and there. Missing the old Google Reader? Need an alternative? Here's what Digg has in store for you.

The New Digg Reader Layout

At first glance, the new Digg reader looks just like Google Reader. A large menu bar sits to the left of the screen, and you'll see all the content that you're following smack in the middle of the screen. The one thing that this new Digg design is missing are basic features like a search feature - but Digg has stated that they are working on these small fixes.

The new Digg reader is rolling out to 17,000 special users today. Why special? Digg is rewarding those people that openly told Digg what they wanted to see in a new reader. If you happened to let Digg know what your thoughts were, the company will let you use the new reader now. Didn't chime in?

Availability For Everyone Else

The new Digg reader will be available to the general population by June 26th according to the company's latest statement. At that time, everyone will be able to check out what Digg has to offer. Really, that's just a few days away, so you can sit tight until then. The good news here is that Digg has picked up where Google left off, and you can have a reliable reader to use from now own (hopefully, Digg's new reader will be great!).

You'll also be happy to know that Digg will automatically migrate your Google Reader data for you, so you don't have to worry about complex migration problems. Digg will also be rolling out an iPhone app that will synch easily with the web version of the reader. Android fans: your app is coming soon too.

Paid or Free?

The current version of Digg will be entirely free for all to use. But, Digg has mentioned that the company will be creating a paid version of the app soon enough. The paid version will, presumably, offer more features and come with some premium customization options. What pricing on the new premium option will look like has yet to be announced. Hopefully, Digg will offer plenty of free options in addition to premium selections.

Digg made a wise move by taking over where Google left off. So many Google Readers will be at a loss when the service shuts down for good a week from now. Let's hope that Digg picks up the slack nicely! I'll keep you posted.