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  • Food and Hello From Evernote
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Evernote has been a popular iPhone app for some time now. The Evernote app allows users to record both written and voice memos in order to record thoughts or write down observations.

Essentially, Evernote is a remembrance too. Today, Evernote launched two other apps called Food and Hello respectively. In line with remembering things both of these apps work to help users remember certain aspects of life. The Food app allows users to take photos of food, write down ingredients, or remember certain aspects of a restaurant or particular food that was well-liked.

The Hello app from Evernote aims to help users remember people that they have met (who couldn’t use this app?). Both apps are available for free through the Apple App Store, and you can check out these apps now. If you’re not sure whether or not they are worth a download, here’s a quick breakdown of each app and what you can expect to find when using Hello or Food.

Evernote Food

After downloading the Evernote Food app, you will be asked to sign in with your Evernote account password and username. If you have forgotten this information (or if you don’t have an Evernote account), you can request a password change or sign up for a username/password combo. Once that’s done, you’ll be brought to the app main page where you will see three icons listed on the bottom of your screen.

These icons include choose an existing photo from your camera roll, snapping a new photo of food or friends or a restaurant, and, of course, a note-taking section where you can record all the notes you want about a certain meal or ingredient. A handy location/tracking device will find your current location, so the restaurant that you want to record will be placed on a map – this is perfect if you happen to stumble upon restaurants that you would normally never be able to find again!

From that point on, you can snap pictures, take notes about food, and locate any restaurant you try. Every time you create a new Food Note, that note will be saved in your Food app account. Then, when you want to remember what that great meal was or show your friends photos of a superb meal, you can simply access your Evernote Food account. This app is simple, but it’s also incredibly useful and innovative.

Hello App

Evernote Hello is similar to Evernote Food, but this app’s main goal is to help you remember the people you meet. As with Evernote and Evernote Food, you’ll have to sign into Evernote Hello with your Evernote username and password. Once that’s out of the way, you will see a section where you can fill out your first and last name, email, and Twitter name. After you have filled out your information, you can add someone to your Hello list by tapping the “+” sign.

Here’s the interesting part: in order to add information about someone else, you can either hand your phone to someone, so that they can fill it out (name, twitter name, location), or you can fill in the details yourself. The app will ask you (or the person who is filling out the questionnaire) to take a photo, so you can remember who you meet from now on.

Once you’ve added a few photos, all of those faces will show up every time you open your Hello app. There’s no doubt that this app will have a huge amount of success – especially with those users who can never remember someone’s name! If this sounds like you, the Evernote Hello app is free to use.