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  • Evernote: Speech to Text for Android
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If you have Android 4.0, you’re in luck. A newly updated Evernote app was released today and this one includes speech to text capabilities. Speech to text is a big thing these days with everything from smartphones to an upcoming line of TVs featuring the speech to text thing. So it makes perfect sense that developers would begin adding speech to text to certain apps. While it wouldn’t make any sense to add this feature to a number of apps, Evernote is one app that is a great fit for a speech to text feature.

If you already use Evernote, you can go ahead and update the app now to check out the new feature. If you do not have Android 4.0, however, you will not be able to use this new feature quite yet, though Evernote developers have stated that the app development will be available on other devices soon (which devices and what that timeline looks like have yet to be mentioned).

Evernote: A Curious App

Evernote is a strange app that some people love and other people find no general use for. Personally, I never really understood the appeal of the Evernote app. Sure, it’s an app that will let you take notes, but plenty of other apps do that too, right? Further, the Evernote interface never really intrigued me, but I’m sure that it appeals to a number of people. Now, however, I can see why Evernote would gain in popularity.

Since speech to text is such a big deal these days, writing notes using your voice is quite appealing. How well does the app work? When tested, the new Evernote speech to text feature worked seamlessly, though it’s hard to imagine that those who don’t have Android 4.0 won’t find the new addition frustrating (sorry iPhone users!). Still, if you have Android 4.0 and you want your Evernote app to be even better than it currently is, the new speech to text feature is worth checking into – and it has many potential uses as well.

The Future of Speech to Text

It’s easy to see patterns when you look for them. One such pattern is speech to text. Some claim that Apple originally invented speech to text as we currently know it while other argue that Android had it first. Which company invented the new feature is really moot at this point, but what is interesting is the direction that speech to text is headed in. First it was touchscreens and now it’s the ability to simply speak and have your phone type out what you are saying. Fairly soon, if you don’t have a speech to text phone or app, you will be considered outdated.

Of course, some speech to text apps and phones work better than others, but the currently technology is pretty impressive all around. Considering that this technology will only get better as time marches onwards, speech to text is really a big deal. Stay tuned for more speech to text devices and apps and in the meantime check out the new Evernote offering.