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  • The 'You Should Totally Meet' Facebook App
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All dating websites and apps make the same claim: this site/app will revolutionize dating! The 'You Should Totally Meet' Facebook app makes the same claim. But, this app is also unique. The app lets Facebook friends act as wingmen (or women) for a friend by introducing a single friend to friends that the single person should "totally meet." Into setting friends up? This is the app for you.

How to Use 'You Should Totally Meet'

To use this app, you will have to set up a profile for your single friend. That's right, you get to set up the profile, so be nice. You can add qualities that make your friend so great, and ask other Facebook friends to agree or disagree on those qualities.

After you've set up your friend's profile and added some information, you can then click on the friends you have that should meet your single friend. Once that's done, an invitation will be sent to those people that you've selected, and, hopefully, your single friend will find a match made in heaven. Or not.

Some Potential Problems

I can't stress this enough: ask your friend's permission before you set up a profile for him or her. Really. No matter what kinds of good intentions you have, nobody wants you to create a profile for them without their permission. That said, the other problem here is that your single friend might hate the people you select for them.

After you've set up that initial failure of a date, your single friend and your other friend(s) will forever be awkward around each other. Yeah, not such a good thing. But, I suppose that this dating app could work in certain circumstances. If you have a single friend that would get along amazingly well with other people you know, go for it -- just get that permission first!

One Other Issue

It always helps to think of the potential problems with a new app, doesn't it? Well, another potential problem might be bullying. Teens could set up profiles for victims, and these profiles could be very mean. I'm hoping that someone doesn't use the app in this manner, but the potential is definitely there.

On the Plus Side

On the good side of things, this is a clever dating app because it connects friends with friends. A single person might feel more comfortable meeting someone that you know. There's also less risk that you'll be setting your friends up on blind dates with serial killers or other odd people. Hopefully.

The 'You Should Totally Meet' app is currently available through Facebook apps. Got a friend you want to set up? Ask permission, set up a profile, find friends your single friend should connect with, and start playing Cupid -- a nicer, friendlier, version of Cupid. Who knows, you could be invited to a few weddings in the near future. Or, you might be unfriended for setting your friends up with a really bad date.