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  • Facebook Bingo

Just when you thought there wasn’t any more room for another Facebook game, along comes Facebook Bingo. Brought to you by Zynga, Facebook Bingo will be an interactive game that you can play with your friends through your favorite social media platform. If you love playing Bingo and you’re tired of playing against some unknown online companion, the new Zynga Bingo game is for you.

Right now, the Zynga Bingo game is in beta, but Zynga has told press that the game will be available to the Facebook millions within the next few weeks. Presumably, those who are actively playing other Facebook games have been invited to test out the Zynga version of Bingo. If this Bingo announcement has you excited, you’ll be happy to know that positive reports are already rolling in from the beta group with few glitches or drawbacks to report (though it is quite early).

Bright and Design-Savvy

Not surprisingly, those who have already tested the beta version of the Zynga video game (unveiled today) have stated that this game is bright, has a great design, and is a lot of fun to play. Zynga wanted to create a game that made users feel like they were stepping into a virtual Bingo game room, and that’s exactly what players are already experiencing. Since you can play the new Bingo game against your Facebook friends, the potential for a lot of gaming engagement is huge.

It’s also safe to assume that those who jump into the new Bingo game will use Facebook’s messenger system to chat with friends during game play. So, what do you get when you win a round of Zynga Bingo? Well, the company has designed some interesting rewards for those who rack up the Bingo points (six card maximum, if you’re wondering). While Zynga can’t give away a car or money, you will be able to unlock a few secret rooms as you progress.

Points and Wins

Keys, coins, and cards are the name of this Bingo game. As players earn any of the aforementioned objects, new gaming levels are unlocked. Zynga has designed levels according to current Facebook game titles. For examples, users will find titles like Farmville Bounty and Pirates Paradise. Mashable reports that Zynga is currently working on additional titles to add to the roster.

Zynga has a decent history of creating games that appeal to the millions of Facebook users out there. Just look at the millions who immediately took to Zynga’s online poker game. If you have a Facebook account, you know just how popular that poker game was (now, it’s harder to ignore with all of the constant timeline and app updates, but I digress). Zynga has included all kinds of interesting things in the new Bingo game to make playing this version of the beloved game more exciting (bedazzled stamps, anyone?). If you love Bingo and you want to spend more time using Facebook, check out Zynga’s new Bingo game once the game is available to all Facebook users.