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  • New Facebook Metrics
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As far as social media sites go, Facebook provides users with metrics that are very helpful. Currently, Facebook users can view the number of likes a page has gained, fan demographics, and other bits of useful information. In an effort to make Facebook metrics even easier to understand, the social media giant is set to unveil a whole new way of determining how successful your Facebook page is.

The new Facebook metrics are rumored to provide users with a complete picture of a Facebook page’s effectiveness. It’s one thing to think that your page is successful, but it’s quite another thing to prove that a page is successful. One feature that will be part of the new metrics system is called (for now) the “People Talking About” metric. This metric could, when released, change the way that people use Facebook.

The New Metric

People Talking About aims to provide Facebook users with important marketing information. If a page or a company is being talked about across Facebook, this data will be gathered and included in a company’s metrics. For example, if you post a Facebook story about a new product and this product gains a lot of press, many other Facebook users may mention your product. These mentions will then be recorded by Facebook and added to your metrics page.

Interestingly, the new People Talking About metric doesn’t discriminate between good and bad press, so this portion of your Facebook data could climb the charts if you receive either good or bad comments. Seemingly, this new feature will provide Facebook users will a lot of useful information. As of this time of this writing, Facebook has not yet released the feature, though rumor has it that the new metric will surface within the next few weeks.

Other New Data

The People Talking About metric isn’t the only new data that Facebook aims to provide users with. Other data will include statistics about the friends of your current Facebook friends. Sound confusing? This concept is really quite simple. Each person who has become a friend or fan of your Facebook page also has friends. The number of friends or fans each person has will be listed next to that person’s logo or name.

This way, you can determine which types of friends or companies will get the word out about your Facebook page. If you add someone who has more than two-thousand friends, this person may be a valuable asset to your Facebook page (and your company). Really, the new improvements that Facebook is set to make to its metrics system will be helpful and necessary.

Only, some people are not thrilled that Facebook will be tapping into these details. Right now, Facebook is attempting to release the new metrics system without facing any breach of privacy lawsuits or other problems.


As mentioned, Facebook is trying to roll out the new metrics sometime soon. At the time of this writing, no specific date has been set. However, you can expect to see your Facebook metrics change sometime in the near future. For now, Facebook still provides users with some of the best social networking metrics available.