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  • Facebook’s New Timeline Design
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What’s the first thing you see when you look at Pinterest, Instagram, or most other apps? That’s right, the answer is: photographs. Armed with smartphones that produce better quality photos than most point-and-shoot cameras, everyone’s a photographer these days, and that’s not a bad thing. Given this fact, it makes sense that Facebook has made timelines more photo-centric.

If you’ve logged into Facebook recently, you may have noticed a few changes. First and foremost, photographs are larger and take up more newsfeed space. Some other subtle changes have also taken place.

You’ll now see photographs more than anything else on your timeline. It’s also possible that you may or may not be seeing as many posts as you saw before. For those who enjoy using Facebook regularly, here’s the complete scoop.

Facebook’s New Stream Options

The one complaint that Facebook users have is that streams are overly cluttered with news updates, photographs, maps, and other annoying details. In order to make the user experience better for all, the Facebook development team has changed the user experience completely. Now, users can choose to view streams as they like ranging from more photographs to more news posts. Facebook works behind the scenes too.

The company tries to weed out those things that you don’t want to see. Every post that bugs you is one more reason to leave Facebook for another network. Every time you see something that’s annoying, there are more reasons to stop using the network, so Facebook has made the user experience a more customizable and enjoyable one.

Sign Up For the New Feed

Do you want to see only photographs? Looking to view just game information? Want to customize your feed entirely? Here’s how you can set up your feed to see those things that you want to see…and all those things that you could care less about. Right now, the news feed that Facebook has been working on is in beta mode.

But, you can head to the main Facebook site to see what it’s all about. After you’re done watching the informative videos, you can also sign up to join the waiting list. Soon, you will be able to customize your feed as you see fit. What’s more, the feed you see will be available across all mobile platforms too.

So, if you set up your new feed in picture form, this is what you will see when you log into your Facebook account from your phone or tablet or laptop or anything else. Once customized, your stream stays the same no matter what. If you can’t wait to see this new feed, you aren’t alone. Soon, you won’t have to see any more annoying updates or game scores. Soon, you will be able to see a whole new beautiful Facebook that’s a lot cleaner and better to look at.

Soon, my friends, Facebook will be a whole new experience. Make sure to sign up for the new stream now, so that you will be the first to customize your feed. Believe me, this new change can’t come fast enough!