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  • The New Firefox 13: What To Expect
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A Firefox update isn’t huge news, since Mozilla tends to outfit that crafty fox with the latest and greatest regularly. But, the newest version of Mozilla’s Firefox comes with some features and add-ons that are not to be missed. Users will also love the new interface and installation ease included in the newest version of Firefox. Without further adieu, here’s what you can expect from the all-new Firefox:

Interface and Installation

For some time now, Mozilla has been working on improving silent Firefox updates. Firefox 13 is the first major update to go the silent route. Only, not all is quiet when it comes to this latest version of Firefox. You see, in order to update the browser, you will have to grant permission via a small popup box. Obviously, this negates the initial silent update goal that Mozilla has set out for the company, but that’s really a minor detail. When updating your current version of Firefox, you will be asked to check all the current add-ons that you have, ensure that you want to keep those add-ons, and then choose the search engine that you wish to use – yes, Firefox does allow users to select a search engine outside of Google.

Incidentally, Mozilla will no longer allow third-party add-ons that do not seek your permission prior to installation. This is a good move for Mozilla and it will keep your browser safe form potential harm in the future. Interface-wise, the new Firefox is minimalist and highly customizable. Large icons that sit on the homepage will help you find those sites that you visit the most quickly, while the Mac version of the new Firefox will fully integrate with OS X Lion. All in all, both the interface and the installation process are top-notch.

New and Improved Add-Ons

As mentioned, third parties will no longer be able to install add-ons without user permission. The biggest change to the add-on portion of Firefox is that the Add-On Manager appears in the form of a new window. If you happen to have some extension that you loved using with Firefox 4, don’t worry – these extensions will still be available and usable with the new Firefox.

Updated Panorama View

Firefox 4 came with a highly popular feature called Panorama that allowed users to see (in thumbnail form) all open tabs and windows. Now, Panorama has undergone some improvements. Users can now shift thumbnails from one group to another, resize groups, and even name certain groups. All of this has been altered to make it simpler for users to organize and keep track of groups at all costs.

Lastly, there’s an extra feature that Chrome users might be familiar with called Pinning. If you happen to access a lot of sites regularly (like this one!), you can simply “pin” that site to the left side toolbar, so that you never have to look far or type any URL to find the site you want to view. Firefox’s new updates are both useful and user-friendly. If you want to explore the new Firefox, this version is available for use right now.