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  • Firefox 9 On the Scene
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Firefox is at it again with a new update: Firefox 9 debuts today for both Android and desktop users. Previously, the Firefox for Android app wasn’t that fantastic (as one might expect from Mr. Firefox). Apparently, Firefox has been listening to Android complaints, and the new app is much improved.

If you’re an Android user and a Firefox fan, you’ll want to stand up and rejoice right now. Firefox 9 for Android is a sleek and fast animal that you’ll love swiping your fingers across (two at a time, even). Even though the Android app is fresh and new, that’s not enough for the ever-picky Firefox.

The company has stated that it plans to redevelop the brand new Android app sometime soon, so don’t get too used to the current interface. As far as Firefox for your desktop goes, you’ll notice right away that the new and improved browser is faster when it comes to gaming and other fast-paced uses. How much faster? A lot faster; but don’t take my word for it, download the new Firefox 9 to experience how badly Firefox wants to displace Chrome. Let’s get down to the details, shall we?

Firefox for Android

The first thing you’ll notice about Firefox for Android is that it’s fast. Faster app load times may put Firefox on top. The next thing that you’ll notice is that Firefox has cleaned up the Android interface. Menu items are where they should be, things are closer together, and icons are much bigger than they used to be – thankfully! Seemingly, Firefox has simply paid more attention to the details, and isn’t that what an app is all about (the details)?

If you used the previous Android app and gave up on it, I urge you to take a look at the newest offering from Firefox. One change that really stands out is a change to the famed Awesome bar. When tapping this bar, all of those menu items (bookmarks, history, synch) show up on the side of your screen. Not only is this placement interesting, it’s also highly practical. In short, the new Firefox for Android just makes sense, and that’s all that Android users really wanted to see, right? Well, as mentioned, Firefox isn’t stopping there. Soon, Android users will see a Firefox app that is even better designed and ever more well-defined. Firefox wants to get this one right all around.

New Desktop Version

Firefox 9 for desktop isn’t without a whole new look either, though the biggest thing about this version is that Firefox 9 is fast – super fast. Instead of waiting for a site to display content, the new Firefox will make sure that content is display before it is completely downloaded. This means that you won’t have to wait a few minutes for slow sites to catch up. You can simply see if the site you’re looking at is what you want. If not, you can move on to another site. Simplicity, effectiveness, and a superior design – that’s what you’ll take away when you download the new Firefox 9.

If you’re a Chrome user, consider checking out what the new Firefox has to offer. Firefox has always been an innovative company that moves forward consistently – the new Firefox 9 is no exception to this rule.