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  • New Foursquare App Gives Parents Peace of Mind
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Thanks to technology, kids don’t always have to call their parents in order to leave a message. Today’s kids can simply send a text, an email, or just sign up for the newest Foursquare app that has a lot of parents rejoicing. The app, called #mom, lets kids send a quick Foursquare check-in note to a parent at any time. For parents, this app spells peace of mind. For kids (and especially teens), sending a parent a Foursquare note means sharing a location with parents at all times – maybe not such a good thing if you’re a teen who’s trying to avoid parental detection (more on that in a moment).

To use the app, kids who have smartphones simply have to add visit hastagmom.com, sign up for an account, and then use the #mom hashtag during check-in to send a note to a parent. When using this app, both calls and texts can be sent (automated texts can be set up, so you don’t actually have to type anything). It’s easy to see why this new app would appeal to parents, but what about those kids who are forced to check-in using the Foursquare app?

Good for Teens?

Granted, the #mom app wasn’t developed from the perspective of a teen, but there might be a boundary issue here. While the app can certainly be used for the better (when traveling, for example), some over-protective parents might just force teens to check-in at all times. Are the days of pretending to sleep at a friend’s house over? Those days are certainly finished if you’re a teen and your parents hear about this Foursquare check-in app. It’s pretty hard to lie about your whereabouts when Foursquare clearly lists your location and you have to send your mom a text when you arrive.

Then again, parents have a right (and obligation) to know where teens are at all times. After all, plenty of teens get into serious (and even criminal) trouble when attempting to sneak out, run away, or perform some other disappearing act. This new Foursquare app is a quick and convenient way for parents to make sure that teens are alright all of the time. Further, the #mom app can be used by tweens and even kids – just think about all of those kids who arrive home from school while mom or dad is still at work. Sending a quick “I’m home” message will help kids feel safe while also proving parents with some form of comfort.

Ready to Roll

The new #mom Foursquare app is currently up and running, so both parents and kids can check it out right now. If you don’t have a Foursquare account, you’ll need to sign up for one of those (simple and easy). You’ll also (as mentioned above) have to head to the #mom website, sign up, and following the instructions. Even though there are many reasons why the #mom app is a good thing, it’s still important to provide your kids with some level of privacy, so don’t make them check-in every time they move from one cafГ© to the next.