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  • The All-New Foursquare Interface: Finding Your Way Around
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Don’t you hate it when social networks update interfaces and you’re left wondering where everything is? Facebook underwent more than its share of troubles when the networking giant changed its timeline, but users soon adapted to the new interface. Now, Foursquare have moved things around both to the dismay and joy of users everywhere. If you use Foursquare’s iPhone or Android app regularly and you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, here’s what you need to know about the all-new Foursquare.

Streamlined and Simplified

A minimalist design is what Foursquare went for this time around, and the new design has really paid off. The new interface looks a lot cleaner than the old version in every manner. The first thing that users will note is a lack of complex buttons. Instead of facing a screen filled with different buttons, the new Foursquare app has only three basic buttons on the bottom of the home screen. These buttons include “Friends,” “Explore,” and your personal profile.

Interestingly, the new Friend Feed that Foursquare has set up reminds this reviewer of Facebook’s new Camera app. When tapping that “Friends” button, users will be taken to a newsfeed of recent friend activities. In turn, large photographs will accompany a user’s friend feed. So, if you want to find out what your friend ate while he visited a local restaurant, you will be able to see a large photograph of a certain meal just by tapping that friend button. In addition, users can now “like” a friend’s activity and even comment the things that friends are doing. You can also check out many tips and location lists that are near your current location, which is a handy feature, indeed.

Get Ready to Explore!

The new Explore tab is a lot of fun to use. When tapping this tab, your current location will be tracked and a list of popular places in your area will pop up. That list could include anything from cafes to museums. Suggestions are broken down into categories, which makes it a lot easier to find something to do. When clicking on a suggestion, you will be provided with a map, phone number, and address. You will also see lots of tips and suggestions accompanied by large photographs. Interestingly, the Explore tips and suggestions change according to the current time of day.

For example, if you check the Explore tab during the morning hours, you will be directed to cafes, breakfast joints, and juice bars. If you happen to check the Explore tab during the evening hours, you might be given a list of various bars, restaurants, and nighttime spots. Really, the new Foursquare interface makes this app work a download or an upgrade. While Foursquare has always been a great way to find your way around a new town, your town, or any other place, the new app revamp makes using the social network even better. The new Foursquare app is currently free and available for download for iOS and Android.