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  • Galaxy Nexus: We All Scream for Ice Cream (Sandwich, That Is)
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > Android > Galaxy Nexus: We All Scream for Ice Cream (Sandwich, That Is)

Technically, the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t been released yet. But, there have been quite a few leaks happening across the board – even on Samsung’s website (the problem has now been eradicated). While reviews and reports about the Galaxy Nexus’ shape, screen size, and weight have been trickling in, there’s a bigger and more important reason why this phone will shake the Android world.

The Galaxy Nexus will be the first Android phone to run Android 4.0 – also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. This OS promises to be the biggest and baddest thing to hit Android since Android first appeared on the market. As such, the following review will be based upon all the things you can expect from Ice Cream Sandwich with a bit of the Galaxy Nexus’ design thrown in.

First, the Design

Finally, Android phones have moved away from iPhone shapes. The Nexus actually looks like a different phone, and for this I’m glad. At first glance, the Nexus is very thin, becomes thicker towards the bottom part of the phone, and features a nice and wide screen. Seemingly, this phone won’t weigh you down, bog down your pockets, or take up too much space inside of any bag. In short, it seems like the Galaxy Nexus design has finally stepped away from that familiar square iPhone shape. Now, onto that much talked-above Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

What to Expect

There are lots of reasons to get excited about Ice Cream Sandwich. First, this OS comes with a speech-to-recognition program that can easily rival Siri. Second, this OS also comes with a super fast camera that will allow you to snap away in record time. Third, it is possible to take screenshots from the screen – a long awaited feature. Fourth, face recognition is no longer a thing of the future. Fifth, widgets can be resized and simply make more sense. I could keep going for the next five hundred words about what Ice Cream Sandwich can do, but, instead, I’ll just tell you this…

Whatever it is that Android phones could have and should have done from the start, Ice Cream Sandwich will now accomplish. This is, Android fans, the biggest thing to hit the cell phone world since the iPhone 4S. In fact, it’s so big that a lot of Apple execs may be biting their nails down to the flesh awaiting the official announcement and release of the Galaxy Nexus. Did I mention that you can monitor data usage using Ice Cream Sandwich without any complications?

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy Nexus will come with its share of flaws – find me a new OS or phone that doesn’t. Yet, it is a phone that is bound to break all Android notions thus far. Who knows, the Nexus could even convert some former iPhone users who weren’t thrilled with Apple’s latest offering. There’s no word yet when the Nexus will be sent to market, but you’ll want to keep your eyes and ears open for this announcement.