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  • 'Glorious Leader!' Is One Seriously Controversial Game
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Atlanta-based Moneyhorse Games has just announced a new and extremely controversial game called ‘Glorious Leader.’ The game features an animation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he rides a unicorn and fights the U.S. Army. Yeah, there’s no controversy there, right? CEO of Moneyhorse Games, Jeff Miller, has told press that the game is meant to evoke feelings.

The Purpose of Glorious Leader

Miller has a fascination with North Korea, and this has prompted him to create the Glorious Leader game. Miller has told press that he hopes to spread the secrecies of North Korea to the rest of the world, and he hopes to gain awareness through this game. However, the game walks a very fine line between satire and making a joke of the very serious problems in North Korea.

As you might expect, the game features Kim Jong-un burning American flags, saying things like “capitalist swine,” and doing everything possible to get people playing the game riled up. The game does look like it will be a lot of fun, but that might not be the main point here.

Already, gamers and critics alike are questioning Miller’s motives with Glorious Leader. Interestingly, the gaming crowd that seems the most interested in this new game is based in South Korea. Miller told press that he’s surprised by the number of South Korean gamers asking whether or not the game will appear in that part of the world.

Not the First Of Its Kind

Glorious Leader will cause a stir when it hits store shelves, but it’s not the first videogame to use North Korea as a subject. Koryo Tours actually worked with students living in North Korea in 2012 to create the game “Pyongyang Racer.” That game let players drive cars around the capital area, but it was more of an advertising ploy (to attract tourists) than an actual game. Since that time, no other game has broached the subject that is North Korea.

There is a rather large gaming crowd located in North Korea, though it’s fairly safe to assume that this game won’t reach those gamers (and, really, no other imports will reach gamers in North Korea now that there has been a crackdown on foreign games). This game also brings to mind the movie, Team America that poked fun at former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.

Some feel that movies and games of this sort aren’t the kind of serious commentary that the world needs to acknowledge when it comes to North Korea. Others feel that poking fun at the leaders of North Korea is the perfect way to spread awareness. Either way, this game will be available shortly throughout North America, so look for it if you want to try your hand at riding a unicorn.

Do you think that Glorious Leaders is sending the right message? Or, is this game simply adding to the problems surrounding the west’s perception of North Korea? Will you buy the game? Let me know what your thoughts are on this one – a seriously big deal in the gaming world.