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  • The New Gametel Controller (For Your Smartphone)
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Including the popular Angry Birds, there are lots of great gaming apps out there. So many great smartphone gaming apps, in fact, that it’s hard to go one day without playing at least one game. If you’re addicted to any smartphone game (Angry Birds or otherwise), you may have noticed that something is missing from the smartphone gaming world. As innovative and design-savvy as smartphones today are, wouldn’t it be even better if you could play all of those beloved games using a better controller?

Well, a company called Fructel (based out of Sweden) is gunning for your gaming business by introducing the Gametel Controller. Essentially, the Gametel Controller is a gaming controller for your smartphone. This controller works with iOS and Android devices (no word on BlackBerry or Windows quite yet). While the Gametel Controller isn’t something that’s a necessity, it is something to consider if you are serious gamer.

Familiar Controller Style

Remember those early Nintendo controllers? You know, the ones that you used with both hands? Seemingly, Gametel has borrowed a few style notes from Nintendo. The Gametel Controller looks and feels just like an older Nintendo controller, only this controller is for your smartphone. How does the Gametel Controller connect to your smartphone? Really, all you have to do is snap your smartphone into the top of the Controller, and you’ll be on your way to playing all of those awesome smartphone games with a controller that gives you a lot more, well, control than your basic smartphone does.

Since the Gametel Controller connects via Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphone right to the controller or you can simply play with the controller if your smartphone is near (you have to love what Bluetooth offers, right?). If you take a look at the Gametel site, you’ll also see that you can use the Controller to play with a number of friends at once (battle, anyone?). As mentioned, this isn’t going to be a smartphone accessory that you have to have, but it is a fun accessory to consider purchasing if you love gaming on your smartphone.


The Gametel Controller is currently available in the United Kingdom. In the UK, the Controller is retailing for around 50 pounds. Fructel has told press that the Gametel Controller will be available in the U.S. sometime soon, and (based upon the current UK sticker price) you can expect the price of the Controller to be around $77 USD.

There’s an interesting trend brewing in the smartphone world these days. Not only are companies like Frutel designing advanced controllers for smartphones, but app developers are creating a myriad of games just for use with smartphones. In addition, companies like Atari are bringing back older video game concepts to the smartphone market. If you are a gamer at heart, make sure to check out the Gametel Controller when it comes to North America. Smartphones provide a way to play great games, but nothing beats the hands-on feel of an old-school Nintendo-like tactile controller.