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Gateway has been a slow and steady brand for many years now. This company can be trusted to produce solid desktops that won’t break the bank. Gateway has made a foray into Asian markets lately, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Instead, I’m here to tell you about a new desktop tower from Gateway that isn’t half bad.

Sure, it’s not an Apple iMac, but it doesn’t come with the iMac’s price either. Instead, the Gateway SX 2850-33 (bad name, good tower) is a tower worth considering. Aside from the fact that this tower comes with a decent price tag (around $500 at the time of this writing), inside of this tower are some very good components that are hard to beat for the price.

Inside the Gateway SX 2850-33

The Gateway SX comes with an Intel Core i3 dual-core CPU, a great Wi-Fi card, and excellent networking abilities. All of these things add up to a Gateway offering that’s worth your cash. The main thing that I want to point out about the Gateway SX is that this computer is fast. If you need a reliable machine for college or for the home office, this one won’t leave you behind in the dust.

As with any other computer, there are some drawbacks to the SX. One of those drawbacks is the design of the tower. Sure, it’s slim and sleek, but it isn’t quite as slim and sleek as others in its class. Perhaps it’s time for Gateway to makeover the SX tower? Then again, the SX tower isn’t that old, so Gateway may be waiting a bit to turn this tower into something even more modern.

Other Drawbacks

Some consumers have complained that the buttons on the SX aren’t sturdy. This may be something that Gateway intends to fix in the near future. Another complaint is that this tower only comes with USB 2.0. Since many of Gateway’s competitors have moved past 2.0, this is another thing that Gateway may want to look at.

Lastly, the SX tends to overheat. Now, this is a problem that you might be familiar with if you own any (well, most) other kind of computer. Laptops and desktops alike overheat, though the SX does generate more heat than most. If heat and buttons don’t bother you, and you’re looking for a budget desktop that is super fast, the SX is the way to go.

Purchasing Information

The Gateway SX 2850-33 has been around for awhile now, though it hasn’t gained as much press as it should have. Regardless, you can purchase this system through most online retail giants such as Amazon. You can also look for the system in an electronics store, though you may have to special order it. The other option is to call Gateway and order the Gateway SX 2850-33 via phone or through the Gateway website.

Sometimes a fast computer is all that’s needed. The Gateway SX 2850-33 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to swiftness, and it is packed in a lean package. If less than $1000 is what you have to spend on your next system, don’t disregard Gateway. Sure, the company is known for budget computers, but budget doesn’t always mean “no good.”