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  • Gateway Takes a Tablet Stab
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Gateway – a company that was once popular has made little noise throughout the past few years. Now, Gateway is looking to enter the current device market, and that means (you guessed it) the creation of a new tablet. Gateway has recently, and silently, launched the A60 Tablet. Is it something to write home about? Not really. Is it a table to contend with the big tablet contenders? Not so much.

So, why is Gateway selling a tablet that is lackluster to say the least? Gateway, it seems, is grasping at straws. Not only is the A60 Tablet nothing amazing, it’s really just a revamp of the earlier Acer Iconia Tab A500. Still, there may be some (minute) reasons to take a look at Gateway’s latest offering.

The Tablet Market

The tablet market is interesting. Nearly every company on the planet wants a slice of the tablet pie, but only one company dominates. What company has cornered the tablet market for a very long time? The same company that has caused other companies to take tablets off of store shelves – that’s right, it’s Apple. So, why do other companies believe that they can contend with Apple?

Simply, everyone wants what Apple has. The only problem is that Apple only wants what Apple can create, and this comes in the form of new and innovative products. While Apple is chasing the rabbit, other companies are chasing Apple. One of the last companies in the pack happens to be Gateway. Now that the reason why Gateway has created a new tablet is out of the way, let’s talk about what you can expect from the Gateway A60 tablet.

A60 Features

The A60 has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and two cameras (one rear and one front). Style-wise, the A60 is larger than most other tablets on the market. While this shouldn’t be a reason to nix the A60, the price tag attached to this tablet might be. Gateway isn’t wasting any time pricing the A60 to compare to the other tablets on the market. If you like the way that the A60 looks, you could find yourself short around $400.

Now, the price of this tablet may drop if the A60 doesn’t do so well. This has, after all, been the case with other tablets that aren’t iPads. If this happens, I suggest taking a look at the A60. But, as is, the A60 might not be the tablet that you want to sink your money into. Then again, some people may find the A60 appealing, though it is hard to imagine anyone preferring this tablet over other, better, tablets on the current market.

Interestingly, Gateway placed the A60 on store shelves without so much as a peep. The whole launch of the A60 went under the technical radar, which is a rare thing these days. Might Gateway be keeping this tablet a secret or is there just nothing wonderful to write home about? As with any other device out there, it’s best to head to Future Shop (where this tablet is being sold at the time of this writing), and test it out for yourself. You’ll find that the A60 is an alright tablet to own, but it might not be worth that high price tag.