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  • New Gmail on the Horizon
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A leaked video from Google showed the world a new version of Gmail that will be popping up very soon. After viewing this video, this reviewer can tell you that the new Gmail looks great. Gmail is already a great email service provider, but Google is forever working to make this service even better. Even though Google hasn’t officially announced the revamp, the video that was leaked shows plenty of details.

If you currently use Gmail, you can expect your email to adapt to you in every way possible – including expanding to accommodate any size screen. In addition, Google has added a lot of very cool features to the new Gmail that all Gmail users are bound to enjoy. Some of these features even resemble chat programs or social networks, and that’s a very good thing in today’s world.

See Who You Speak To

The one thing that stuck out in my mind the most (after viewing the leaked video) is the ability to see who you are speaking to when you send and receive emails. Small photographs of the people you communicate with will show up next to a sent or received email. Of course, in order to see someone’s photo, that person will have to upload a photo to Gmail or to Google Plus (presumably). Otherwise, the photo space will remain blank. Keep this new feature in mind when you choose a new Google photo!

Not only can you see who you speak to, but email correspondence boxes will be smaller and more compact. This way, you can easily flip through all of the emails that are part of one conversation. Speaking of flipping through emails, Google will also make it simpler to search through your inbox – a welcome change.

Searching for Emails

Right now, users can search for specific emails using Gmail’s search box. However, this can be somewhat complicated, since you have to choose which folder to look in. With Gmail’s new search feature, you can search for specific terms (many terms), and even create folders through the search box.

In short, if you’re looking for directions to a gathering on the fly, you won’t have to mess around too long to find what you’re looking for. All you have to do is search for the right terms, and the message that you’re looking for will pop up quickly. This shouldn’t be a surprising feature given the fact that Google is a search giant, but it’s a welcome feature all the same.

There are lots more features that you will be seeing in your Gmail inbox very soon – including improved graphics and themes (some of these may be available now).

Gmail Holds Tight

Gmail is still one of the most popular email providers on the planet. It’s hard not to come across someone who isn’t using Gmail. Google’s ongoing mission to make Gmail even better will secure the company’s spot within the email world. Stay tuned for an official announcement about these new Gmail features from Google.