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  • Gmail Got a Facelift: What You Need to Know
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Google is at it again. This time, the company has made some adjustments to the Gmail that you know and love. Because it's always nice to be aware of changes, here's what happened to your Gmail.

View Stuff In Drive Directly

Google's not messing around this time. Instead of downloading and viewing attachments, you can now check out any attachment that someone sends directly in Google Drive.

This is great for two reasons:

1. You don't have to lose anything in on your desktop again.
2. You can save stuff directly to various Drive folders.

The next time you log into Drive, you'll see everything that you've saved. You can also preview any attachment right from Gmail, and flip through multiple attachments while looking at your mailbox.

Ready, Set, Action!

Gmail now wants you to take action too. Directly from your inbox, you can click on actionable details like confirming scheduling and other bits. Gmail scans every bit of mail you now get for any actionable information. Don't worry about privacy, though, Google has told press that the actionable information will only be linked to services you've granted access to your Gmail account.

Apps In One Place

Your apps are now lined up in a nice and neat place -- Google apps, that is. See those little grid-like squares? That's where all of your apps now sit. Just click on those squares, and you'll see everything Google-related like Gmail, Docs, and G+.

Write It Out

One really neat feature that's kind of fun to play with is Google's 'input tools.' This allows you to write in your own handwriting.

Open up the cogwheel that brings you to your settings.
Choose the 'languages' option.
Select the 'input tools' feature.
Choose the tool you want
Click 'OK'.

Now you can write in your own handwriting with your mouse or other tool. Neat, right?

One Account. All of Google Login.

This is a great new design: when you log into Google now, you'll see a simple setup. That one login will grant you access to all of your Google apps and accounts - like the slogan says. It's all very streamlined and sleek looking, and this reviewer loves it. You can also add various email addresses and logins to the mix.

iPad Gmail Has Also Changed

If you have an iPad, your Gmail also looks more streamlined now. You'll get new navigation bars, new ways to switch between inboxes, and tons of other great stuff. If you've been frustrated with Gmail for iPad, now's the time to get happy with the new plan.

As you can see, Google has updated Gmail all around, and these features and changes are great. Well, at least in my opinion. What do you think of the new Gmail and Google changes? Do you love the way that Google is making things simpler? Or, do you want to go back to your old Gmail look? Whether you love it or hate it, you can't really say that Google doesn't always update, right?