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  • How to Use the new Gmail Pop Up
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Composing a new email while referencing an old one can be frustrating. To do so, you have to save a draft of the email you are currently writing while switching back and forth from old to new. It can also be tough to remember a number of different email addresses.

The ever-evolving Google has recognized these problems and created viable solutions. Now, Gmail comes with a pop-up option. Using the pop-up, it is possible to write a new email while going through older emails – and more. Needless to say, Google has put a lot of thought into what Gmail users want. This time around, Google definitely didn’t disappoint.

The New Gmail Features

When you click the “compose” button in Gmail, you will now see a black arrow to the right side of the compose screen. Clicking on this arrow will result in a new Gmail window. From there, you can access older emails available on the main Gmail screen while writing a new email.

Need to see what that older email said? Problem solved. The feature works seamlessly. In addition to providing users with a pop-up option, Google has added a few more things to the existing Gmail.

Move Recipients Around Via Drag and Drop

Taking a few cues from smartphone interfaces, Google has added a nice drag and drop feature. When composing an email, you can now add as many names as you like, and then click and drag those recipient names to a BCC, CC, or other recipient line. To make sending a message easier, Google photos are placed next to each person’s name, so you can visualize whom you’re sending a message to before you send it.

Google has also made inline images possible with the new pop-up feature. This is one addition to Gmail that users have wanted Google to include for a long time. Now that the feature is here, there’s no doubt that Gmail users will be pleased.

In addition to having access to a pop-up compose menu, the new Gmail includes these same features in response emails. When responding, response windows are smaller and include all the features you need to send an email response. When all is said and done, Google has done a great job with the latest Gmail update.

Right now, you can test out the new Gmail pop-up feature (available to most users), though the rest of the features mentioned in this article will not be available until a later time (the Google blog states “over the coming weeks”). If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, you will see these changes when you open up your Gmail.

Google never lets Gmail slide by the wayside. This is the main reason why Gmail is one of the most popular email clients. Forever finding ways to improve upon the existing Gmail, Google quickly gains new users and keeps existing users with a Gmail that is constantly evolving. The new Gmail features will prove to be useful and efficient – two things that Gmail users prize most about Google mail.